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Why He Plays As Girl Characters

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  1. If imma be playing a game for 6 hours I’d rather be looking at a woman’s booty for 6 hours lol

  2. nah when i make my character a 4ft tall black woman its not because they're pretty.

  3. I mostly use men as my characters but in the cases where I choose women its because the game is biased and only makes good outfits for the girls

  4. Me playing as men characters and making them look like my bf👀👀

  5. I find strong female characters more narrativly engaging than "Generic male hero #257". This is especially true in RPGs where I have more agency.

    …also, looking attractive is nice too. 👉👈

  6. As a gay guy I also like playing as women idk why

  7. Its because they're horny. To something that isnt real

  8. That's cute❤❤. I chose tanks and the big bulky characters that mainly do melee because that's my personality… Tiff smash…🤜🤜🤜

  9. For third person fames its a very practical reason. If i am going to be staring at an ass for 30+ hours, id rather it was female. All the other reasons apply, sure, but thats my main one.

  10. I will tell you, as a bald wraith main, I play wraith because she is 5 nothing and every other character in apex legends could be an NBA prospect.

  11. Nope. My husband uses a female character because people he plays against will help you more and give you things or not want to kill you.

  12. Men are simple. Women are great to interact with

  13. It's really sweet that he made his avatar look like his girlfriend. My heart's melting a little bit. 🥲

  14. I play as a female charter mostly because the gear. If I play as a male ill get a chest piece that looks bulky and boring. If it's a female same chest piece will have like 5 different looks more to customize.

  15. My BF admitted he just doesn't want to stare at a dude's butt.

  16. This is true. Also in 3d person I can look at their butt. Why? It’s better than staring at a dudes butt. Also, in the old days of MMORPG gaming, you could pretend to be a girl, and get free stuff by flirting with dudes.

  17. Thank you if I play with a female character it because I think she cool same reason why I play with some guy characters they look awesome

  18. I do. I think dressing up some buff dude, and modeling his hair to make him look nice is kinda gay. Also, you're mostly looking at a character's ass for 40+ hours, looking at male buttocks for that amount of time is kinda gay too.

  19. No I play girl characters cause there more sweaty

  20. I always make male characters that looks like me, and pretending thats me lol 😂

  21. just one simple reason i don't want to look at dude ass for 300 hours of gameplay

  22. I told my wife years ago, I do it because I would much rather stare at a female toon's back side. I guess she is secure because she never had a problem with it.

  23. Well I use to play Ready 2 rumble boxing and the female character though weaker was ten times faster than the other characters. So I would pick her and beat the game. Same with Hunter the gathering the female characters were much faster and could weave in and out of combat quicker. Idk it just made more sense. This was before you could choose"skins and all that.

  24. Let’s be honest
    In almost every game girl characters have better stuff and make them look 100 💯 more times better than male characters!

  25. In M&B Warband female characters are superior because your husband can finance an infinite sized army while ALSO doing all the tasks of a wife (such as hosting meals)

  26. As a man, I only play as a man. Immersion purposes. Can never play as a woman.

  27. Always playing as a female character because you're a coomer is cringe.

    Always playing as a male character because you want to insert yourself into the game is also cringe.

    Choosing male or female depending on which one has better voice acting is based.

  28. I love playing female characters in video games for some reason

  29. He made the character look like her? That's the base character…

  30. Oh… so you guys aren’t playing as females bcuz you wish you were a girl?

  31. Also women characters usually have more customization either for physical characteristics or clothing/accessories. There's only so much 'generic bulky armor set for men' we can take before it all looks the same.

  32. The smaller hit-box excuse has got to be the most BS excuse I've heard for picking a female character lol. Most men come to a point where it really doesn't matter what gender they pick, specially in fighting games. In one fighting game, I might pick the cool dude with the katana because I like his playstyle. In another, I'll play as the girl with the goofy shenanigans because I like her playstyle.

  33. For some games the hit box reason is valid especially in games like xenoverse 2

  34. I never thought about the smaller hitbox thing. I would always say I used female characters because I'd rather look and listen to them than a male character. Really I was just in denial of being trans, so that was just an excuse.

  35. im a giy in real life i experience that every day why not cnahge it up
    plus its a bettwr view

  36. Maybe if they made the male clothing options better we would pick them

  37. Mmo guys pick female characters as you get stuff for free from simps.

  38. I love how wholesome this is! We need to start normalizing men liking pretty things ON THEM! Men shouldn't have to pretend to be tough and gritty all the time; it just isn't healthy. #Kencore

  39. If I'm gonna stare at a characters ass for hours on end, might was well make it a female ass.

  40. Ah yes totally not because I would lick the sweat off of caveria’s abs on her legendary skin😅

  41. It's the only way to look at lady parts while simultaneously playing video games. 😅

  42. It gets odd when they act like cute girls towards each other in mmos.

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