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We play a Roblox game called Gymnastic Gymnasiums where there ain’t even any boys boy so everyone goes against me, sonic the hedgehog.


  1. Flamingos voice just makes me laugh all the time

  2. This was the first flamingo I ever watched this is nostalgic

  3. the one thing i hate about games like that they be like “ GET A REALISTIC SKIN TONE DO THIS DO THAT “ it’s annoying

  4. People: insult
    People who watch the channel:HUH OH I INSULT A YOUTUBE

  5. I see boys in girl only game
    I see Girls in boy only game

  6. albert: my life sucks
    me: cool
    albert: ….
    me: my life sucks more
    albert: ok

  7. You Can't Even sing, Go to College for it If you don't want people Disliking your videos and Unsubscribing, Because their Eardrums are Breaking.

  8. the 4k people who disliked are the gymnastic girls on alts

  9. ;-; I am sad now I am in gymnastics How sad ;-;

  10. i played roblox and this kid walked up was like "UR RLLY CUTE" i was like thanks? and somehow im his girlfriend now and he said ill be afk k so i just left. he added me and begs me to come back

  11. The workout montage LOL oh my God I am actually dying

  12. The “No boys allowed only girls” type of titles don’t do litterally anything they just attract boys so that they can troll just by being there

  13. Everybody just left my friend group on roblox and this is the only thing that brings me joy

  14. I'll always remember this as the 7th video of Albert I watched 😔

  15. That's all the strong independent women thing lol

  16. Flamingo: if she tells me to set my house on fire,I’ll do it.

    Also flamingo:time to kill my coach!

  17. what is is is is sonic the hedgehog is not hedgehog? ok he no hedgehog man

  18. Life does suck I was trying to do a obby 1,927,102829,7927283 and I couldn't win it and now I'm sad

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