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What Girl Gamers REALLY Have To Deal With | OMG a Girl Series [1]

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Episode 1 of OMG A Girl. The episode that started it all!

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  1. I'm not a gamer but this is just hilarious. 😂😂😂

  2. Is anyone gonna comment on the part a guy said he was gonna se*ually a**use her?? I felt sick to the stomach :/

  3. People are very dumb
    Like people try to seem funny but in the end, they just sound dumb
    (Well besides the guy that said “ITS A GAMER GIRL FREAK OUT” we all know he was joking)

  4. I wouldn't take this seriously, I don't know why any of you guys do, it's the internet, there is much worse things on here

  5. Bro this game is for men can u guys just not play lol

    Also men who do this don’t care
    We do not care
    Nobody cares about you getting bullied
    Men Bully men and women ur not special u dishwasher

  6. I envy people confident enough to go on vc

  7. I swear I’ve heard these same exact toxic people in school, even the speech patterns of repeating the same thing 50 times in a row saying the same terrible joke

  8. Homie wanted to sound tough so he tells her to make him a Tuna roll lol. Very manly there Big Tuna.

  9. I hate this because my name is Hailey and that middle part made me really uncomfortable

  10. Holy fuck I can only make it through a third of this video without getting angry. The amount of harassment girls go through is mind boggling. I worry for my niece who already has self-worth issues, playing online, and she is a budding gamer.

  11. "Just turn your mic off" is just telling us to enable bad behavior. How about more people stand up like some of the men in this video and actually say something against this.

    And no, "everyone gets talked to like this in games" isn't true. There is a very clear difference between regular rude/toxic comments and blatant prejudice. Most men don't get called out of their sex and discriminated against in games, because the majority of the gaming populous for team comp games are men.

  12. Here is the thing tho. What is wrong with girls playing games like siege or cod. Honestly. And when the kid said this is a boy game IM LIKE EXCUSE ME?! DID GAMES LIKE COD SIEGE AND OTHER GAMES LABEL ONLY GAMES FOR BOYS!?NO! IT JUST LABEL 18+ and older SO CLEARLY THAT KID SHOULDNT BE PLAYING THE DAMN GAME

  13. Some guys are just so descusting seriously

  14. i want to start playin and i need advice bec my first thought when i hear this shit is to rage at them then point my taser at my mic

  15. Call me whatever you want, but I miss the days when you could have curse word screaming matching and stuff like this in FPS games . It made each match so much more memorable and fun.

  16. Honestly I can relate to this and it’s annoying as shit

  17. i will apologize for my gender jesus christ.

  18. If you're offended by "make me a sandwich" I know for a fact that you wouldn't survive in a COD lobby.

  19. I just wish the gamers would see this videoseries and see how not uniqe and funny their comments are.
    They all really think they are funny, but all their "jokes" are just stupid repeats.
    Except for those who are genuine cunts without trying to be funny, there are those too.

  20. 2:43

    Nobody laughs….
    Gamer: OKAY

    Got me hard >D Literally that unfunny dude that just talks ingame and stands around in school with no talk or eye contact…

  21. Damn, ive watched this video for 1 minute and ten seconds. Im so sorry to anyone whos been treated like this like damn im speechless these folks be mfin wild and not in a funny way. Im glad its not all horrid but like damn that sounds stressful as hell.

  22. Wow, this video totally convinced me that women online should get specific treatment that the men don't receive.

  23. Kinda sad hearing that kid say "it's a boy game"


  25. just grow some balls or log off its not that deep

  26. I am now afraid of saying that i play online games and people think that i am like those dudes, feel sorry for you

  27. I love how they all call her grill like she is a barbecue grill not a woman XD

  28. i play gta a lot (on Xbox) and I join a lot of group posts and literally any time there's a girl, there's always misogynistic "jokes" or the attention immediately goes on them. it's so horrible

  29. i got goosebumps watching this wtf this is gross, why do people think that this sort of behaviour is justified???

  30. The men who were sooooo sarcastic about respecting women. I just… No words, just rage and sorrow. Oh but thats just typical and annoying right? having emotions, such a woman thing 😱 im really sorry you had to listen to that and im proud of you. Im proud of women, cuz we put up with that.

  31. Tbh I just think of swaggersouls when he “talks to a girl”.

    In csgo

  32. 😭😂😂😭😭😭wait was this just as a joke or some cause that was hilarious

  33. some girls cant take a fucking joke i swear they say dumbshit like this cause they get funny reactions plus men do this to eachother

  34. Even though I am a male I think male a a freak around females

  35. Don't you just love a how men complain about girls being bitchy, and then do this shit

  36. Hailey can I have your Snapchat (listen it’s stuck in my head)

  37. Bro if she is getting mad over (make me a sandwich ) she hasn’t seen bo2 😭💀

  38. Good thing that nowadays because of lockdown it’s more normal for girls to play games. Hopefully most women don’t have to deal with this regularly now

  39. did u know that team killing just bc they tryna be salty makes u as bad as these pervs?

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