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What Girl Gamers REALLY Have To Deal With | OMG a Girl Series [1]

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Episode 1 of OMG A Girl. The episode that started it all!

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  1. Take a shot every time he asked "can I have your Snapchat"

  2. did u know that team killing just bc they tryna be salty makes u as bad as these pervs?

  3. Good thing that nowadays because of lockdown it’s more normal for girls to play games. Hopefully most women don’t have to deal with this regularly now

  4. Bro if she is getting mad over (make me a sandwich ) she hasn’t seen bo2 😭💀

  5. Hailey can I have your Snapchat (listen it’s stuck in my head)

  6. Don't you just love a how men complain about girls being bitchy, and then do this shit

  7. Even though I am a male I think male a a freak around females

  8. some girls cant take a fucking joke i swear they say dumbshit like this cause they get funny reactions plus men do this to eachother

  9. 😭😂😂😭😭😭wait was this just as a joke or some cause that was hilarious

  10. Tbh I just think of swaggersouls when he “talks to a girl”.

    In csgo

  11. The men who were sooooo sarcastic about respecting women. I just… No words, just rage and sorrow. Oh but thats just typical and annoying right? having emotions, such a woman thing 😱 im really sorry you had to listen to that and im proud of you. Im proud of women, cuz we put up with that.

  12. i got goosebumps watching this wtf this is gross, why do people think that this sort of behaviour is justified???

  13. i play gta a lot (on Xbox) and I join a lot of group posts and literally any time there's a girl, there's always misogynistic "jokes" or the attention immediately goes on them. it's so horrible

  14. I love how they all call her grill like she is a barbecue grill not a woman XD

  15. I am now afraid of saying that i play online games and people think that i am like those dudes, feel sorry for you

  16. just grow some balls or log off its not that deep

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