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We’re playing Board Games again!!! – For The Girls!

The Jovenshire
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Today’s board game is called For The Girls by What Do You Meme

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ugh, I cant believe I’m doing this…..
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  1. I would love to see a video about Joven’s arrest

  2. i need to hear about jovens federal offense

  3. that moment u realize 2020 really didnt work out

  4. I really want to hear the back story of Joven getting arrested.

  5. 10:18 “Spoonman!”

    Me: hums chorus
    Sohinki: come together with your hands


  6. Ok, after rewatching this a few times, I found a nuance that I liked. 0:19, after announcing the game name, “Man, I Feel Like A Woman” kicked in. Nicely done, Joven!!!

  7. Little did Lasercorn know 2020 would not be anyone's year

  8. "2020 is not my year" how the hell did Lasercorn predict the future? Like seriously, someone make a compilation of moments when smosh members have predicted the future

  9. 19:38 I don’t know why but the way Mari says “y’all can’t get pregnant” cracks me up everytime lol

  10. 6:50 am I the only one that says this or is it me?

  11. WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT A NOSE JOB? Her nose is literally perfect…??

  12. Um did anyone catch what Joven said about a pregnancy scare? I don't know if he was joking but yes, women do pee on the stick. It does not go up the vagina, at least, most do not.

  13. Ah yes- my favorite girls playing a friendly game of For The Girls

  14. "2020 is not my year"
    You had no idea what was waiting for us.

  15. "2020's not my year" That comment aged well.

  16. "2020 is not my year stfu!" – lasercorn 2020

  17. Lasercorn – 2020 is not my year

    Me watching this in the middle of 2020 – It's no one year buddy

  18. Oh if Lasercorn knew how 2020 was going to turn out when he made that comment to Mari "2020s not my year" 🤣😂 its not anyone's year sir!

  19. I'm surprised that Lasercorn didn't say that Tyler has the hottest dad

  20. My friends and I are playing this tomorrow for Friendsgiving.

  21. And 2020 wasnt anyones year it turns out

  22. Please make a video explaining the federal offense. I have to know.

  23. I'm a recent new sub can you try the Minecraft boardgame

  24. "2020s not my year shut up" well that aged well

  25. ‘2020’s NOT my year’ how right you were Lasercorn, how right you were.

  26. Lazercorn: "Everything's not going to work out, 2020 is not my year"
    it would in fact be no one's year

  27. Lasercorn: “Tyler Moss has the hottest dad”

    Well I think some people would argue that Gwendolyn Ovenshire has the hottest dad lol

  28. “Joven is our Amy Schumer” but Joven is actually funny

  29. The gang is back to play some board games! Let us know what game we should play next week! Yes, this is gonna be a weekly thing now

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