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We Played ‘The Girl In The Gap’ Game

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Join us in today’s vlog as Jessii and Tye put their hiding skills to the test as they play the game inspired by the Japanese urban legend…

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  1. Oh mah gosh. IM EARLY YAY! Girl I love your videos! I hope all goes well for Winnie! Love y’all 😁😁

  2. Poor Winnii! She's been through a lot in her life, the poor girl! I hope she won't need surgery, but if she does, I hope it helps her this time!

  3. I hope Winnie gets better I hope she’s okay

  4. I thought I saw the girl in the gap for a sec lol

  5. I love u,Tye,And the dogs and I rlly hope Winnie makes the 4th surgery

  6. Hi jessiivee I haven’t really been watching u but I try to I just don’t have enough time sorry 🙂

  7. I have a friend who friend who looks like your kid vee same hair as you same face a little I’m in 2 grade 7 years old and I want you to have a kid I know weird 😂😂😂😂😳😳😳😳😳😳

  8. I hope willy gets better and wish you the most❤️

  9. I hope Winnie will get better I pray that she will I think she will though because she is a strong Doggo

  10. 😂 Tye beat me to it!! I see alot of the girls at the gap. Tye your awesome!

  11. Reconstructing Leslie / Leslie Perry says:

    Awe I hope Winnii will be okay she’s adorable

  12. THE INTRO IS NEVER OLD FOR ME ITS AMAZING 💗💗💗love your vids 😄😄💗

  13. i loved unsane, i watched it 3 months ago. But i hated the ending

  14. Jessi:do not play with the girl in the gap if you see her
    Also jessi:let's play with the girl in the gap and show everyone so they have to suffer too!!!

  15. Them saying they are lots of girls in Gap
    Me: *having my Gap sweater *

  16. I hope that when Winnie the bull dog will be ok 🥀🤗🤗💖💖

  17. best wishes I hope Winnie gets better♥

  18. awwww they are so cute!!!!! i love when she called him bean and awwwww so cute

  19. Hey Jessi 💖 I love you playing these games… and I would love if you play this game called "Bloody Mary" and all you need is a mirror 🪞
    Step 1 : Stand in front of the mirror 🪞
    Step 2 : Said "Bloody Mary" 3 times
    Step 3 : Turn Around 3 times
    Step 4 : Focus at the mirror and see your reflection carefully, your reflection will moving but you didn’t… If it’s moving so it’s WORKED 💙💓

  20. You guys are such good dog parents. Best of luck, i hope winnii gets better soon💞

  21. If jessii were the girl in the gap I’d let her take me to the underworld

  22. I am always waiting for you to upload your new vedio cause the brighten my day love you so much jessii and tye ❤❤❤

  23. I feel bad for Winnie I hope she gets better

  24. Jessii:bean I am scared itz NOT fair I said time’s up… are you serious…BEAN!..
    Tie/bean:I iN ThE GaPp

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