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Gosh, I haven’t been on the American Girl web series in AGES. So my sister and I thought it would be funny to re-visit the old days and play some OG American Girl games. Which game is your favorite?! Comment below and I’ll reply 🙂

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  1. My favorites were the McKenna games, the diary games, and the pet games!!

  2. Yay I'm early! Love ur vids rockstar13studios!! <3

  3. Haha this is great!! I think one of our main takeaways from this video is that American Girl games are surprisingly violent haha

  4. wild this was such a throwback… and tbh i also always felt the need to wash every pet.

  5. Yay, 3rd!
    Love your videos and your channel!
    This was so fun to watch!

  6. Awesome vid BTW im a small youtuber i want more views plz i love your channel soo much its so funny and fun for me and my dolls!!!!

  7. Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about these! This was my childhood!

  8. I had the Mckenna Beam app, which was one of my favourites. I also loved the pottery one, Kanani's shaved ice and felicity jewel match or something. I'm going to play AG games now!

  9. The only 2 I ever played was the McKenna one and kananis😂and they were apps

  10. aww we used to love those! we loved the sea shell collecting game, the witch game (?), & jess’s waterfall jump the most lol

  11. This was HILARIOUS! 😂 is it bad that I’ve never played American girl games? Maybe I should do a video like this 😂 great Video it was super entertaining!
    -AGWorld Sprinkles 💕

  12. Oh oh oh. Yes! AG that ringing noise no!

  13. this gave me so much nostalgia i can't 🤧😂

  14. I like the Mckenna game… probably because I'm good at it buuuut… lol, that's not the only reason… probably
    I also like the Chrissa pottery game… but I SUCK at it

  15. Omg I was doing the same thing a few days ago!!! lol! My brother and I used to totally play all these games when we were younger, for the pet grooming studio I would just keep brushing the dog/cats fur even after the check point was done … :/ I totally relate to you!

  16. Omg I remember these games. I used to play them all the time. 😀 Oh the memories.

  17. i think i'm going to go play american girl games now

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