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We play girl games

Sinjin Drowning
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best games ever


  1. NEALY AT 400k!!!!!!!!! Where’s the GAG of the century give away SLAY??? just joking – save the planet. Teach others NON consumerism. iPad babies 💅


  3. bro wtf why is weston here??!! these are for girls only

  4. is Donkey Hodie supposed to sound like Don Quixote😟😟or has my english class ruined my thought process

  5. their videos are always good but lately they’ve been extra good

  6. weston was really all about killing in this vid

  7. i love when they search something random and go into a rabbit hole of code and qr codes LMAO

  8. the Carrie Underwood at the start…. Wow!!! 😊

  9. The flash when Weston took a picture is sending meeee

  10. Why is nobody talking about how Weston literally wrote down "kalynn koury" in the death note… Its so messed up, she could've died right after filming and we wouldn't even know….

  11. yalls keep disagprearing come back now. i need you

  12. Weston has inhaled the green leaf for this video

  13. I’m supposed to be studying for my exam tmr, which I haven’t studied for at all, but instead im watching sinjin drowning and I don’t dont regret it 😎 atleast atm

  14. no cause when i was younger i was unironically on girlsgogames 24/7

  15. ok u have to play club penguin during xmas time

  16. What is up with Weston and murder is he okay?

  17. Your channel feels like an arg at this point. Are you guys okay? Should I call the police?

  18. weston knows every single song in the world but never gets the lyrics right

  19. play animal jam you will NOT be disappointed

  20. The fact that I used to play theses games for HOURS

  21. I opened this video because a crush of mine likes these videos. The first thing I heard is them singing.

  22. I swear there’s a mental connection between myself and the Kourys because last week all I had on my mind was Before He Cheats

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