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Urey at Triton – 8th Grade Girls Basketball 🏀2-11-2020

Triton Trojans
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🔵 Triton 8th Grade Lady Trojans (Class of 2024)
#5 Kuntz
#10 Cox
#15 Bules
#22 Faulkner
#30 Doll
#34 Viers
#52 Barber
coached by Lindsey Shively

⚫️ Urey 8th Grade Lady Falcons
#1 Banks
#2 Woods
#3 Lang
#4 Romer
#5 Hensle
#10 Nusbaum
#20 Johnson
#30 Guseilla
#32 Bradley
#33 Vermilyer
#34 Wilton
#40 Harding
#43 Cruz
#50 Leslie
coached by Kala Matthys

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  1. ᴛᴀsɴɪᴍ ᴋɪᴍ ❤︎ 태형 says:

    my first basketball match is coming after some days. And i'm waching this cuz i wanna know how to play well..actually i'm maker so
    it's hard for me…

  2. OMG I LOVE IT. In few week i have my first game im so nervous !!!!

  3. I have my first basketball game mangalwar ko my match

  4. One weakness is that they only dribble with their right hand 🤷‍♀️

  5. V nyc sprot is my favourite ,

  6. I was going to play my first ever basketball game soon and I thought I would be the worst… So I was watching to see how good my age girls play… And I am not sacred anymore 😀

  7. R u telling me tis gals r 8 grades …..wow they look like college student's

  8. Man basketball is really interesting when u understand it and it,s not for everyone

  9. I have the first basketball game after tommorow and I am really so nervous

  10. 17:45 I tried it and then realised the ball got stolen in the process🙂🔪

  11. Yo, am also good in dribbling like these girls but cant do shooting💔 am in 9th and am a boy 👦

  12. The girl who keeps fixing her hair has to put her hair in a less loose hair style

  13. 😢I am in love with basketball, tomorrow I have an interview, so I pray that I may win, please

  14. Se ve tan lindo pero me da alta pena jugar con personas 😿

  15. I am gonna compete against a class that is older for a year in a 3v3 with absolute no basketball experience cause i was kinda forced to go. I hated it at first but I’ll try to find a way to enjoy this cause i probably won’t ever try it again. Definitely gonna lose tomorrow but im just there cause no girls wants to join the competition 🙁

  16. I remember when I was in 8th grade it was so cool when I was in the basketball team I loved it to play basketball is cool

  17. I am also a basketball player

  18. Me from England thinking that these girls are amazing at basketball
    The Americans in the comments saying that the girls didn´t play the best
    Me: 😅

  19. Omg….im gonna have my first game competition next week…im so nervous😭…wish me luc

  20. They have time to fix things hope they all are still playing to this day

  21. Biggest flex is my 6th grade basketball team plays better

  22. Guys i need luck because I have mine after 8 days and I Bearley know basket ball and we will go to DPS for the final match I am so scared right now but this video cheered me up and I need luck😭😭😭🤞🤞

  23. Here i am watching 8th graders play basketball just to see if its similar to netball. And my answer is no netball is nothing like basketball. But great job girls!! You did your best.

  24. My sister plays on an all-boys team and she's ten even she can play way better than these girls

  25. any tips for a girl in 7th grade in basketball because i get nervous

  26. They only good at passing the ball and not Dribbling but all the same they did a great job

  27. Ya'll remember these are 13 YEAR OLDS??? I wasn't nearly this good at that age

  28. We go for school district and we got 3rd position in basketball🏀🏀

  29. I have basketball tryouts in a few days and this helps me visualizing the game layouts

  30. Watching this cause this the first time i have got in a team and i wanna improve. Thanks for this amazing video

  31. I've a basketball match tomorrow and I literally donno what to do really scared 😭

  32. My high school coach wanted us to run around the court before warm ups and it was mad awkward.

  33. I usually think that i play basketboll good, so i wacht this and now i have depression 😿

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