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U17 Girls 100 M Final | Khelo India Youth Games 2020

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U17 Girls 100 M Final at Khelo India Youth Games 2020


  1. हमें भी खेलना है

  2. 11 सिकेड मे 100 मिटर

  3. I like to participate in sports race 😒 but no one is to guide me

  4. Weird, it's always the Southern states winning

  5. Very poor result……………..

  6. SOON have males dominating you, stand up now or be fore ever lAST, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE.

  7. Body dekho vai sister ki 😮 body se hi lag raha tha jitenge😉

  8. Ruthika's foot crossed the line first if you freeze the frame. So she is the actual winner.

  9. I watched the video again and again even in slow-motion many times and to me Ruthika should be the actual winner because her front foot crossed the finishing line first and also her body, especially the head was ahead too.

  10. Cheated TN of first place in spite of clear proof! commentators knew who won!

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