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U17 Girls 100 M Final | Khelo India Youth Games 2020

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U17 Girls 100 M Final at Khelo India Youth Games 2020


  1. Mere ko bhi aana hai runing me koi form bharna padta h kya

  2. It's Ruthika Saravanan's leg reached the finish lane first.

  3. 11:90 ki me aayi h pause krke dekho video

  4. Referees should know about finishing techniques. But in this video watching result is 💯 wrong decision.

  5. தமிழச்சிடா…

  6. Only 121 looked under 17…the rest looked either older or not girls at all

  7. Ruthika Sarvanan leg was over the finish line and the head was far ahead of the pack and both ahead of the declared winner .

  8. Indian participant Ruthika is a real heroin of our nation I love India and love my baby Ruthika best player in Sports and games U17 I salute her 🇮🇳👌💕👍

  9. Cisco Routers and layer#3 switches configuration says:

    They r all over 20 non of them is under 17 by the way

  10. ये इन्डिया है

  11. Very very good girls s. P ,and meny meny thanks, mashallah Allah Hafez from India Kajol fokir,,, God bless girls, congratulations best of luck.

  12. Thanks 🎸🇮🇳🙏🙏🙏🙏🇮🇳

  13. I can't believe it that, is 704 under 17 year?

  14. Love To Pratiksha Baruah From Assam😻🥀

  15. The winner looks overaged by many years.
    But Ruthika Sarvananan had brilliant finish

  16. Challenge game man d best past run win,sending ❤️ full support

  17. 704 appears to be a man in a womans race.

  18. Ruthika acroos the finish line …finish line will be only one line..not to line ha5…i can't accept the winner..

  19. Video camera man is not good n just are not good..

  20. I dont think that these girls are under 17

  21. Ruthika is the real winner of this game,they cheated her

  22. I love❤ you प्रतिक्षा

  23. 👏👏👏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 ips

  24. Ruthika stepped while first sir keep watching sir congratulations ruchika vazthughal vazhavalamudhan ma

  25. Always Ruthika Saravanan Tamil Nadu pruod to my sister keep it up jai hind ,,,Tamil nadu 🔥🔥🔥

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