Top 10 Best PS4 Games for Girls | Playstation Games 2020 NEW | Free Games for Girls -

Top 10 Best PS4 Games for Girls | Playstation Games 2020 NEW | Free Games for Girls

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Enjoy these Top 10 Best PS4 Games for Girls | Playstation Games for Girls 2020. Free Games for Girls. Please subscribe

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  1. Tysm I can finally get a girlfriebd

  2. Dose any one know the name of the song in part 4(DJMAX RESPECT)?

  3. I'm a Tomb Raider girl. I can't wait for the new game…

  4. Bitches are boring even in video games damn lol

  5. This channel is best for ps4 games. And if you want best mobile games than check it out '' in Google. I am huge fan of the both.

  6. I’m a girl and I wouldn’t paly most of these games ! Seriously? We’re just like boys love to play amazing games
    We deserve better than this !

  7. If you watch this don’t take to seriously you can play any game you want cuz games don’t have a gender

  8. I would definitely like to play these games ! Thank you so much ! 🤗👍

  9. I dont think its about gender. Im girl and i like to play horor games then TS4 and more.

  10. I’m about to download some of these games and play with a some girls 😉

  11. as a girl w a short attention span and hates click games these aren't bad yk? i don't like games like assassins creed so i'm looking for interesting things that will keep my attention

  12. For those saying games don’t have gender, that’s completely right and you aren’t wrong but these are just games that are most popular with girls put into a list, they aren’t saying games have a gender.

  13. From this list. Yes zero dawn is a must play for girls like action-adventure

  14. Me and the boys watching so we can get a girl lol

  15. The life is strange series is fantastic. You won’t regret it. Trust me.

  16. Journey ❤❤ Eu ameeei este jogo ❤❤❤

  17. I've played video games for 35 years, and yes some games appeal to girls more than others. We are just different mentally and emotionally. Nothing sexist about the sexes being different.

  18. Nice video!:-) check out a nice roleplay game here.
    Rob a bank on the pretext of a police officer? Find a criminal base and shoot
    the invading police officer? Find out how a hospital can become an interesting place to visit in Brookhaven RP! Find out how and have fun!! Check on my account.

  19. Guys this is not free i know IT bcs i have the sims 4 And its for money And over cooked its for money too

  20. I dont really like sims 4 on console.. I depend 90% on mods

  21. I should get life is strange!!!

    Ranboo on twitch plays it and it definitely looks like something I would play 🙂

  22. For everyone commenting that the video is sexist: Yesterday I got a Ps4 and looked through the games, seeing Fifa and Ego Shooters or similar, games just about killing and fighting and I felt a bit lost and not ready. So I'm looking for some alternatives than those, just to get ready before being lost in those big games😂

  23. Mirrors Edge Is the best
    Im a boy and love it

  24. I want a barbie or Dora games 😭 I miss these so much

  25. Ah yes, boy games and girl games, because video games are for specific genders. 🙄

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