They Made Those Awful Ads into a REAL GAME!? (Save the Girl) -

They Made Those Awful Ads into a REAL GAME!? (Save the Girl)

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Save the girl in this RELAXING puzzler game! What’s more relaxing that almost dying in 100 different ways?

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  1. There using your video now for there ad

  2. I don’t know you can you tell me your name because it’s my first time watching you and I’m beat I’m guessing this is it to Torio but do you think do you think do you think do you all day and do your dream🤓

  3. THEY USED THIS AS A ADD 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  4. Bro the people who made this app used this footage to advertise the app btw.

  5. I literally saw a clip of this on an ad for this game on tiktok

  6. Yo, the fucking developer took clips from your vid and turned it into an ad

  7. 14:24 Peashooter's upgraded design be looking lookin pretty legit guys.

  8. This game is really innacurate lion studios don't know simple physics

  9. after i said that i got more of them dang i have gotten 4 cuz 1 double 2 normal ads

  10. I saw your ad and I searched up your channel and I am addicted to your channel you funny to

  11. I saw u reacting to the ad and you are so funny so I looked u up and EEP U ARE HILARIOUS


  12. Since nobody has commented it yet they used this video for an ad

  13. They made a save the girl ad with you in it

  14. 6:18 hooo-heeeyy slow down boooy

    I guess we can't have everything 🙁
    Sad.. Very sad

  15. I actually got an ad for this and it’s him playing bad

  16. Did save the girl get your permission to use your video to do a add

  17. I make games can I put u in a game I am making

  18. You have been turned into an add for this game!

  19. Sometimes his expectations are so low they say hi to the devil

  20. 3:39 my dad laughed like that mom and dad are now divorced i miss him so so much

  21. Everyone:why does this game have so many ads
    Me:haha turn off wifi go BRRRRRRRRRRR

  22. Don't forget to make your game pay-to-win and have some sort of premium currency.

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