There's a GIRL in My Game! | OMG a Girl Series [15] -

There’s a GIRL in My Game! | OMG a Girl Series [15]

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Episode 15… Oh boy…


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  1. Imagine getting triggered by a 12 year old in a game.

  2. How am I 13 while playing this game yet I’m more mature then half of these 12 year olds

  3. yo, mute the chat and the mic. broblem solved. great tips from great russia. tumbsup

  4. Honestly I feel Bad that you have to go through this everyday.

  5. One ? Have you ever tried making them mad? Ive seen ur content since episode 1 and ur sometimes mad, why not making them mad?

  6. 3:00 just wanted to ask why you have so many operators locked but then i thought…

    yea without the season passes or the highest edition they are normally locked i'm a dumbass XD

  7. I didn't realise how bad this community actually was until I switched from console to pc. It's actually sad sometimes how toxic it is.

  8. just one time i played with a girl in overwatch and man,NOTHING WEIRD HAPPENED AND IT WAS A PRETTY GOOD FUCKING MATCH,WE LOST BUT WE HAD A REALLY GOOD TIME,man i miss those ow days

  9. “Aggressive little one” NOOOOOOOO😭😭😭😭

  10. Im a bit late

    4months late after a friend of mine requested this video for me to watch as a demonstration of what she has to go through

    Gotta say, im dissapointed in this new generation, bless ur guys's souls for enduring this everytime

  11. Popped back on my recommendations and still can't believe how thirsty some guys are and I'm a guy myself and it makes me question their choices in life that they took to become this way

  12. We kicked a guy in my clan for doing some shit like this when a girl joined. The unprovoked sexism and aggression was unpleasant for everyone. She went on to join an org for my country's pro-league, last I heard.

  13. Boys man, this is why I never talk in Seige. In Valorant I haven't run into many problems, community there seems better.

  14. It’s sad to see that this series is still applicable after 15 episodes.

  15. Have gamer girl as partner in relationships sadly suck, I wasted 3 years of my life

  16. As a part of the 13 not a squeaker group I am sorry for this behavior from our opposites.

  17. I play with a female friend all the time and whenever someone tries to hit on her I chime in and say she’s my 14-year-old sister and call them pedos 😂 shuts them up every time.

  18. To all the guys reading this: Its actually simple to get a gamer girlfriend if you really want one: Be a decent person, make her laugh, and treat her like an actual human being. And I speak from pure experience.

  19. these teens are makeing all us teens look bad

  20. Maybe they wouldn't be this mean if you actually knew how to make a good sandwich nigga damn.

  21. Repulses me how these children talk nowadays 🤦🏻‍♀️

  22. No matter what you say, these people will never learn unless they get themselves a girlfriend or real friends.

    If you ignore them, they say ‘Not gonna say anything? Serves you right.’ Or ‘Look guys, I offended her.’

    If you defend yourself or talk back, they go ‘So we got a feminist here’ or ‘Oh so I made the gamer girl angry.’

    And if you laugh along, they will most likely just make fun of you more. There’s no winning here.

  23. harassed XD its just how games are u do know u can just mute and not look at the chat

  24. If racism against Blacks can end, why can't sexism against women and girls end?

  25. I feel bad for every girl that goes through this or anybody thats gets trashed talk by 10 year olds

  26. I just want to apologize for the assholes. Have a nice day

  27. Not all the guys that play act like that but 95% do but I boot feminists offline for being rude

  28. To be fair, the guy at 3:00 wasn't being rude or disrespectful. And kudos to Spawn for responding to him.

  29. It's odd how many squeakers are on games rated 17+ …come on, parents… do your damn jobs.

  30. Girl speaks once
    All guys:OH MY GOD spawntaneous breathing 😉😉

  31. Ignore them or mute but I understand that it sucks you shouldn’t have to mute/ignore them you should be able to just play. I’m glad I watched this video because I got to see how it really is constantly for females to play video games. Good videos and good way to show people and guys how f’d up they could be.

  32. This is messed up I hear men say this shit everyday and legit yesterday dudes are annoying just because there are girls doesn’t mean you act like their not human this is coming from a boy I’m sick of this shit be respectful this is why humans won’t make it edit: make it in the gamer world

  33. I swear all them guys are damn dumb it's just a damn girl u act like u never heard one before

  34. I hardly ever Mic anymore because of that she made a good point!

  35. Im a trans man, and god its really hard to play videogames with the mic. Im not on T yet, which means that everyone without a second thought goes "OMG A GIRL OWO?" like Jesus Christ man your barking up the wrong tree

  36. Im 12 and i have more respect i prop would not even be in vc

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