There's a GIRL in My Game! | OMG a Girl Series [15] -

There’s a GIRL in My Game! | OMG a Girl Series [15]

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Episode 15… Oh boy…


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  1. I have been gaming for about 10yrs now and I FEEL YOUR PAIN 😭😭😭 There's so much harassment and just weird stuff that we have to deal with…..😳🙄
    Love your videos! ❤️

  2. I'm a boy, but boys are just immature in the worst ways sometimes

  3. Sadly enforcing age restrictions on games wouldn’t stop those guys from acting like children but then again even some children know better

  4. I try to help all the girls to play the game but then I end up being called a white knight or simp 😂

  5. So I’m a boy right? I remember the stress of these relly getting me down until I get home, turn on the game and play. Whether tension is high or not, I get to play the day away with no worries at all. And to think that THAT is a privilege I have, that ISNT shared with everyone who plays is jaw dropping. It’s Terrible that girls who play games are stuck with people like this. They can’t even unwind after a shit day.

  6. you should make a 1 minute video of all of the nice people, because you probably only have 1 minute of footage of them

  7. Im hoping to get a PS5 soon by the way like ur videos

  8. Once some guys added me to a group because they realized that I was good at COD, but when i joined the team they only began to ask me if I had a boyfriend and my Instagram, so disgusting… i left the group

  9. Ma7heu2mMStar is brazilian. almost every boy and man are like this in here. it is just sad that the men have became this miserable and mediocre. they have no idea of what they are doing. it is automatic.

  10. I on behalf of the good side of the siege community say your really good at siege and I wanna have your skill someday, I want to learn how to be super good at siege how do you do it?

  11. The guy that wanted to have Spawntaneous add him, sounds more like he is from India. Them people these days.

  12. I really get your point and agree with it people are definetly sexist in R6 as proved by your footage but 15 episodes? Isnt that kinda milkin it?

  13. This is kinda like how if you watch anime and your pfp is anime csgo players are so toxic to you

  14. lmao this is why i keep my mic muted for literally every game i play. and sometimes i do have my mic on and then go on mute because they start pissing me off and then they literally spam messages after. oml i swear.

  15. You know i played with a lot of boys and gifls over the years and In all my time alive it never occured to me to talk like these assholes. I just want to have a fun time like anyone, gender shoudnt matter we are all here to enjoy games. These guys are disguisting.

  16. 9:12 Well, duh, it's no surprise women play games as well. Statistically, however, part of the reason people don't here them talk so much is because most of them aren't even playing hardcore games such as First Person Shooters. The only female-dominated genre of games is Match 3. I'm not saying the toxicity in some of these hardcore communities isn't a factor, but FPS's don't appeal to most female gamers.

  17. this is the reason I mute myself when I'm playing games..

  18. Eventhrough I am 18 years old gaming dude that like to played game a lot,I still feel like this is not right.

    Girl are human,too. They don't like to get harass or invaded their personal space.

    If I see these jerk,I would told them to shut up. And learned to respect women,If you still think you're true man.

    I used to met some girl in game called VRChat,Ended up telling stupud jokes to make her laugh without harassing her.

    Or maybe I am too good for this world?

  19. The only reason why I don’t get guys like these much is bc I talk and act like a dude and sound like a 12 year old, very immature and toxic lmaoao, at least I don’t got to deal w shit like that tbh

  20. Female gamer: gets trolled and harassed

    People in the comment section: genuinely shows compassion and sensitivity

    Trolls in the comment section: “Allow us to introduce ourselves.”

  21. I love to see 12 years old being refuted with they age 😀

  22. … every time i want to think about trying out Rainbow Six… I recall this.

    Yeah fuck no. If Ubisoft can't purge the morons from their community they can stuff it to my money.

  23. These are the same guys who keep wondering why they are single. Also male gamers who are toxic towards women are statistically worse gamers than those who behave normally towards women.

  24. Most of the girls I play with absolutely clap dudes…..”at their own game”

  25. I honestly think rainbow six has a retarded comunity

  26. As a fellow female that deals with this in lobbies, my favorite thing is when I ignore them to the point they have a mental break down because of the lack of reaction they get from me. Its my serotonin.

  27. the indian guy…. hhahahaha had to be an indian guy simping.

  28. lol can´t take toxicity in a competitive game then dont play it, it will always prevail in this kind of games and you can´t do anything about it

  29. Hey Spawn. Love your channel. Would love to see you turn the tables on all the bigots. I think it would make for a hilarious video.

  30. Why I mute my squad or keep my mic off unless I am with my friends. :/

  31. 4:01

    Who tf talks about their measurements in FUCKING CENTIMETRES?!

  32. Ngl I’m a girl I play siege I’m terrible at it someone made fun of me for playing fortnite even though they had fortnite-

  33. If you can’t handle the heat leave lmao gaming was fun when no butthurt girls were around

  34. they act like they have never seen a girl before in their entire life …

  35. Ur age jokes are just about as funny as their girl jokes (pretty much not funny at all)

  36. hey spontaneous! I just love your content and as a female gamer, I can totally understand the sh*t you have to go through sometimes it gets really depressing dude. I really appreciate that you don't let them stop you. keep going sis!

  37. All those people calling her a grill were SOOOOO annoying. No she is not an object you can barbecue on so stop asking

  38. I feel the need to go back in time and apologize to every girl I ever encountered on video games when I was 12 I wasn’t this bad but still

  39. When the boys started speaking, I already lost all my braincells, sexist people in general make me lose my braincells.

  40. RIP me because I had to censor all the bad words. Get used to it. 🙁

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