the worst rhythm game ever | Club Girl -

the worst rhythm game ever | Club Girl

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The worst rhythm game I’ve ever seen and my hands touching upon. It’s so bad and I wonder how in the world it managed to get onto Steam…

Also Youtube please no demonetise me uwu

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Ending Song | Omoi – Teo (remix by rN )
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  1. Me clicking the vid eh this is ok this is fine me watching this is weird

  2. this must be the friday night funkin' that everyone's been talking about

  3. this is actually a genius way of making money online cause of how low effort this is and how its gonna just generate sales dispite how bad it is.

  4. After playing this game my brain stopped hurting, my stress was gone

    And my heartbeat stopped

  5. The developer of this game got happy because tokaku was the first person to buy it

  6. are you playing at night or your light's are off

  7. The dance movement animator maybe forgot he has turned on autokeyframe and not adding loop script

  8. Something is going up and its not my score

  9. Guys let's make a game that's upscroll but the hit area is at the bottom of the screen.

  10. The magnum opus of human technology and entertainment.

    I am perplexed.

  11. That reminds me of choppy Google Play games you see in advisements

  12. this game is way better than just dance not lying

  13. people talk about how fnf has some input problems, but at least there for noobs like me you cant tell. i took one look at this and I said "this looks like it has input problems

  14. Even my school project rhythm game that I don't really care that much to make it looks good is still somewhat better than this, lol…

  15. speedrun to make the girl crash???? 😳😳😳😳😳

  16. its like shes doing the worst remix of never gonna give you up

  17. have u ever tried playing the rhythm game called white boyz wit attitude on steam?? U rlly should!

  18. I’m a new subscriber but man I already love your videos so much lmao

  19. This is the world record for trashes rhythm game

  20. My voice is just gone after laughing to much on this vid

  21. honestly, this game made me feel legitimately uncomfortable, the woman's inhuman movements along with the dark bg and weird camera movement doesn't help, seeing this gameplay made me feel like I was being cursed by a bunch of weird cultists

  22. the fact that i realized THIS VIDEO WAS PREMIERED ON MY BIRTHDAY 💀💀💀💀 Well, happy birthday to me.

  23. that game is a godamn SCP it was birthed out of the fucking horniess of humanity

  24. this game, made me shed a tear, 10/10, would definitely eat again

  25. I love how the background had 적도 which means the equator and nothing else…

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