The Tragic Mystery of Pokemon's Ghost Girl (Pokemon) | Game Theory -

The Tragic Mystery of Pokemon’s Ghost Girl (Pokemon) | Game Theory

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One of the most mysterious, unanswered questions in the Pokemon games is “Who is the Ghost Girl”? Throughout some of the games you come across ghost girls who disappear with no explanation. Super creepy when you are just a kid trying to play a game about cute little pocket monsters being forced into unending battles for your entertainment. Anyways, for as much as these ghosts have popped up throughout the game’s history, there is little known about the lore. So today, Loyal Theorists, I am about to uncover the mystery of Pokemon’s Ghost Girl!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan “Cybert” Seibert, Marc Schneider, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. So basically,
    ''Hey! Lets catch pokemon and get kidnapped by an big yellow pokemom that has an pendelum that can bring me to hell!'' Kind of that statement.

  2. Ash caught darkrai in pokemon journeys

  3. i think why darkrai made here in a Endless nightmare is because i think he was wondering on the home and he got scared by her and he Did it…

    if this you think is true, i am a pokemon fan.

    thank you for the entertaining!

  4. Anyone else notices that instead of books they use sprites of type plates?

  5. maby the girl was trying to catch the darkrai and he was lik nop get the punishment of your doom idiot

  6. Who came here because of the fnf new mod?

  7. Theory: Darkrai saw the Abra, thinking that the girl was being threatened by the Abra, then Darkrai shot the Abra to save the girl, the girl was actually friends with the Abra, so she was sad and fought the Darkrai, so the Darkrai had to defend itself before being caught, then shooting her

  8. how dose every guy that play pokemon awaly pick the girl

  9. A thumbnail gonna give me nightmare tonight

  10. WHY arE You HERe A rE YOU COmeing FOr me OH goD He l p

  11. the thumbnail is the reason i stay till like 12am every night

  12. How many MatPat videos do you think need to be watched in order to unlock the, "New Theory, Same Cringe" achievement?

  13. A girl who fell for hypo's lulllaby mat pat

  14. to hippnos luulaby creepy pasta the prop has some meaty lore

  15. In a nutshell to this story is that a legendary Pokémon couldn't do his job correctly

  16. Matpat? Umm that's a image from movieunleashers who made a parody stop.

  17. Who else thought this wasn’t a game theory episode because the logo wasn’t in the thumbnail?

  18. This is November 2021. A game called fnf was crated last year. Someone made a mod for Hypno and in the second song he turns into an absolute MONSTER

  19. Maybe it was the darkrai from the Pokemon mystery dungeon games idk

  20. Darkray is not the bad guy because hypno is controlling him . That hypno Pretend do use its power

  21. The only thing I see is cringe things

  22. When you realize the books are actually arceus's plates

  23. petscop is not over yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I would like to see a game theory about the lost silver creepy pasta

  25. Here’s a creepy fact: this is probably the only video on the game theory channel that doesn’t have the logo on it.

  26. Abra looks like the creepy pasta Pokemon hypno " it lures children "

  27. Maybe The girl has some power that dark rye is afraid of

  28. man, i remember when this was brand new. where have the years gone?

  29. BTW there is a new mod in friday night funkin which is the hipno pokimon horror mof

  30. Like this is sad and all But I need to get to my gym badges

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