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  1. Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour and he is love ❤️

  2. Would my chances go up if instead of just giving her my # I give her my business card?

  3. I got game I just need to level up all my badges.

  4. I like the way he talk 😂 he funny af he will not tolerate us on any scary shit wit these females swear 💯

  5. I was interested in the video until he said "demon time." Smdh. Get behind me Satan. To God be the Glory! Amen! Bless!!!🙏🏾☝🏾😇

  6. Why tf this pop up on my YouTube? Shhhit my OF says I needs no help so fuck off youtube

  7. I’m good id rather not be the sloppy seconds

  8. I find some of these girls just like to play head games and when they do I drop them

  9. All this might be true but if your vibration is high you would attract without trying. Not sure if u can increase your vibration by doing all these things he says.

  10. What about 6th grade we middle schoolers need it

  11. It's not about what you say. Women don't give a shit about "the right logical thing to say". It's about how you make them feel with what your saying and what emotions are sparked in them when talking to them. Women are emotional creatures they need stimulation in their emotions; if you can take her on a rollercoaster to experience different emotions GOOD and BAD than your golden.

  12. Focus on yourself and stop overhyping trying to impress a broad.

  13. Fellas let's be real and not give girls our numbers cause we all know she will not text try to get her number but if she's dry then just stop fuckin with that.

  14. Thanks king! Going to try this, sometimes I can talk to them and i stutter and get nervous on what to say to them

  15. Good look fam no cap need a lil help in areas not too big too say

  16. Can’t believe I’m watching this video, appreciate it tho gang 🤝

  17. That shirt is dope, where’d you get that fam?

  18. eyo i just got myself a relationship thanks man really helped since i was originally a loner

  19. For the last time, I know what you mean..

  20. -the worse she can say is no…so I went over and asked for her number and she said "get away from me you loser",!…

  21. thanks man! I finally got a girlfriend after 23 years, i really appreciate it cuh!!

  22. Bruh no cap, when he said “when it’s crunch time” 0:36 I was eating a crunch bar 😂

  23. met a baddie at the fair, but she brought her fat fuck friend. What does that mean? any tips OG? (white btw)

  24. Respect! on the knowledge about spitting game ! 💯

  25. Bro: yo tempo, your look, and voice sounds just like Young Pharaoh……are y'all related?

  26. Tried this at my local elementary school. Came back to say this rizz was so good they put me in jail

  27. This shit sounds really good 👍 . Bro yall just got a new subscriber . Peace ✌

  28. Mad respect. All facts. I’m a white 46 yr old male and a single father. Listen to him. If you do too much it’s no good. I don’t have money like that, I’m not exactly a trophy but it’s not even about that. I’ll tell you this much, was in jail for 7 months and the biggest punishment EVER was listening to my 28 year old celly bitch for months about how he can’t pull bitches etc etc he’s ugly, fat and I was ready to cut my wrist. I said that’s your problem gang, you’re wearing that insecurity and negativity and females can smell it. They DONT want to hear that shit. That’s the biggest vag dryer ever.

  29. Good video… goes over everything and I think it’s basically just as easy as this

  30. I used to do my thang , then I got in a long term relationship and forget how shit work out here 🤣 this video the truth !! It's like the highschool me giving me tips on these skeezers SUBSCRIBEE 😂🤣…

  31. A quick tip for the bros, always get the know the homies in the environment, cause a dude could be talking down on your name, she could be getting passed around, YOU DONT KNOW til you talk to the homies, she don't want no loner ass nigga and if she do, she not gonna want it forever 🤷🏿‍♂️

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