The Rise And Fall Of GirlsGoGames -

The Rise And Fall Of GirlsGoGames

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Today let’s take a deep dive into GirlsGoGames, the home for dressup, pet care, horse riding, makeup, and arcade games for girls in the 2000’s and 2010’s. From the history of the site, to the nostalgic games of our youth, to the various dramas and problems with the site, let’s take a closer look beneath it’s sparkly pink exterior and revisit the classic site.

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Petz Catz 2 OST
LEMMiNO / Siberia

Ben Elson / Mind Games
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Howard Harper-Barnes / Marie
Chaxti / After The Glow

❤︎❤︎ CHAPTERS ❤︎❤︎
0:00 Introduction
3:34 The Rise Of Girl Games On The Web
8:56 The Games
18:21 The Downfall Of GirlsGoGames
20:15 Saying Farewell

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All credit goes to the musicians and composers! This video is not meant to target or harass any person. This video does not condone or encourage anyone to harass or contact any person or persons discussed in this video. This video is purely for entertainment and informational purposes.


  1. I think it was on Moshi Monsters in the arcade to earn rox where there was this weird game where you play as a stray white cat in a very white and foggy world. There are people walking around you but they ignore you and maybe even would hurt you? I think the aim was to find food to stay alive. There was kind of sad and eerie music in the background and I remember the cat would always die or something. Kinda messed me up a bit at the time.


  3. Thank you. Omg ive been trying to remember moshi monsters for years now

  4. i have the same drunken checkerboard casetify case as you and i had a moment of "OH!!!" when you showed it lol

  5. •☆𝙰𝚍𝚘𝚋𝚎𝚊 𝙿𝚛𝚘𝚍𝚞𝚌𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚜.☆• says:

    I haven't seen that website since 2016…
    I remember playing the kissing games and baby Hazel😭

  6. GirlsGoGames is my childhood, i forgot about it for so long and hearing about it again made me kinda sad 🙁


  8. i may be strange one but i remember there was a series on ggg there was this series of super fancy realistic surgery games that I jus absolutely adored and would replay for hours to beat the high difficulty settings. the series had a much higher quality level than the "surgery" games there now but like, if anyone remembers loving these please tell me im not crazy

  9. Someone remembers the game about 2 dead bunnies that had to escape from a tower? God I love it, I used to play it over and over 🙁

  10. Only the hottest bitches will remember their own game series: “Shopaholic” where you could pick a girl and go all around the world dressing up and waiting from 10 minutes to 2 hours on a “job” so you could get more money and buy more clothes.

  11. another game I loved too was that cake game on my mom’s Microsoft computer.

  12. I was actually looking for a new phone case and had been eyeballing this company for a while. I decided to get one and ended up only saving 0.01$ in the end since they charged me shipping after the discount lol. Hopefully you still get some support from this promo!

    EDIT: I’m not complaining since the usual price is still good for a decent phone case, just a heads up to everyone so no one gets mad about it if they make the same discovery I did. The cases are gorgeous!

  13. i loved girlgogames in the early 2010s specifically for the monster high and winx club games, its kind of sad how we cant go back to the site to play the games we used to love again for nostalgias sake

  14. I honestly thought that the angel and the devil from the Devilish games were a couple before I even knew that same-gender couples are actually a thing.

  15. Oh god I ADORED the devilish series so so much

  16. God seeing all these games again makes me feel so nostalgic. It's so sad we can't even play most of them anymore… My favorite game was by far Sailor Senshi Maker, I believe there were like 3 versions but I always sticked to the first one. The art was gorgeous.

  17. In the time I was playing (probably 2008-2009) the dressing games and makeup games weren't like that, I mean, the "fixing the girl" and "using ugly copy and paste famous Disney character", it was a normal woman that we just put makeup and some clothes, I guess it became more popular after the rising of Tangled and Frozen idk why

  18. you can actually still play fancy pants

  19. 7 dates actually got me into otome games😭😭😭

  20. Huh. That was sadder than I expected. This site was my sister and I's childhood.

  21. i can’t be the only one who only played spicy kissing games and thought i was so naughty 💀

  22. your collection of Garfield plushies amaze me…also your makeup is awesome

  23. that game serie where you were a vet and had an animal shelter was one of the best games

  24. Gahhh this video is honestly such a nostalgia ride

  25. My Dolphin Show looks a lot like a Kongregate game called Dolphin Olympics. Both games are on Flashpoint if you want to contrast and compare.

  26. Yall remember Magic Mirror: Who Are You Today? Loved that game so much.

  27. Wow, you’ve unlocked a part of my brain that I forgot existed. Haven’t heard of GirlsGoGames in FOREVER

  28. I was OBSESSED with Stardoll. I was poppin on the roleplay forums and the shit talking forums on there (I was 9-13).

  29. GirlsGoGames was a guilty pleasure of mine as a tween/teen. I tried very hard to never get caught playing it because I didn't want to be made fun of by my family or friends for playing such "gay," girly and stupid games. It really helped me with my femininity and fondness of fashion along with other girl-targeted websites.

  30. I absolutely loved playing Baby Hazel games, they r all almost the same thing but I liked how each game had a different way for u to take a bath and make food and dress her and style her hair, I miss those games so much </3

  31. I remember finding Girlsgogames on accident, and just falling in love. The devilish hairstylist, school flirting game, the pet shelter simulator, I could go on for hours about all the games I used to play on there. I would spend every afternoon after school on the website. It makes me oddly nostalgic thinking of it.

  32. The only youtuber merch ive ever seen and desperately needed

  33. These games were literally hot shit…but it was my hot shit 😠. We need Flash Player back. We didn't know what we had until it was gone.

    I miss playing flash games…especially on DeviantART. DeviantART had the best Flash games, weirdly enough.

  34. Does anyone remember making an avatar for their pfp? I loved doing that and kept my avatar long after they got rid of it and only allowed pre-designed avatars.

  35. I have a idea for a video! A game (that you might know of) called animal jam is very nostalgic to me and I have even gone back to playing it with my friends. Even though me, and my friends who play it are minors, we still remember us playing it when we where very little. Anyway, just an idea that I had after watching your warrior cats and lps explanation videos. Bye and have a nice day.

  36. I used to play that pony game too, but only to test it out.. since at the time my and bestie are obsessed with another game called Bomb It, that basically have the same gameplay but with robot instead of pony. We would roleplay as the robots, giving each a whole set of backstory and relationships as we play lol- good times

  37. Gaaaaah even the secret message was nostalgic (in my mind ig). Anyways, my favourite games were the Baby Hazel games… idk why though, Hazel'd yell at me if i did anything wrong. Understandably, my mom hated them.

  38. Hot dog bush and the Japanese school girl getting boys were my two favorite (ignore that total difference between them)

  39. I remember being so happy when I discovered I could type “GGG” in the bar and girls go games would load. (Frizzle frazz was my favorite game lol)

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