The Red Dress Girl || Horror GCMM || Inspired By A Roblox Game -

The Red Dress Girl || Horror GCMM || Inspired By A Roblox Game

GàcháBlöx Girl
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Dear viewers, this video spent me weeks to finish, and used 600+ files to make. I would really appreciate it if you turn up your volume and brightness, and enjoy this video to the fullest!

I do not own these audios used in this video:
Video: [No Copyright Music] Daystar – Sugar Cookie [ bgm / funny / cute ]

Video: [No Copyright Music] Creepy Music Box | Horror Music | Royalty Free Music | VIVEK ABHISHEK

Video: [Sad and Creepy Song] Quiet Slumber “Creepy” music box. [HD]

Video: INSOMNIA – Dark Hallway (Horror Ambience/Scary Soundscape/Drone/White Noise)

Video: Writing on keyboard Sound Effect [Typing]

Video: Thunder Clap Sound Effect HD (Best Thunder Quality)

Video: Heartbeat Sound Effect ❤️ Slow, Fast, Creepy, Irregular, Normal – Free Download I No Copyright

Video: Victory – Sound Effect [HD]

Video: Distorted Noise

Video: Knife Stab Sound Effect (original)


Video: Crackling Fire Sound Effect

Video: Static Sound Effect (White Noise)

Video: Woman Yandere Laugh SOUND Effect

Video: Bone Break Crack Snap Sound Effect (original) ~ Free Sound Effects

Video: Police Siren Sound Effect

Video: Female Scream Sound Effects

Video: Jumpscare Sound Effect



  1. Ugh “calm down cutie” worst cringe ever. Lol but good! I usually don’t finish gacha stories, first one I have actually thought was interesting ❤

  2. I played the game and most of the servers were broken and we had to wait 1 hout

  3. i watched this before and it made me doesnt want to pla ythe red dress girl anymore 😭 now i waatched this again AND IWANT TO PLAY IT AGAIN!! XDD-

  4. I use to play this game on BOBUX mean Roblox-.-

  5. This is pretty horor and i like when they play roblox!

  6. I played this on roblox and I was only the red dress girl once.

  7. I've played it before. It was really fun but her laugh was so scary!

  8. ・゚✩ - ᴍɪᴄᴀʜᴇʟ -・゚✩ says:

    OMGGG! The fact that i found this amazing horror gcmm brings back all the old memories of me watch these type of videos in 2020

  9. Omg so I really support GachaBlox and this is like the best.. WOW amazing I can’t believe it!!

  10. Did you use infrasound in this audio?

  11. I love how you came up the back story of Red

  12. Is it true that happend to a player played that I wanna try but bit scared so is it true?

  13. it was a bad idea to watch this at night😰😰😰

  14. That was pretty good got some jump scares

  15. Me in the start: Oh this is gonna be fine it's just some school!


  17. I wait 1 whole year to watch because last year i was too scared now i play Roblox and this totally didint scared me (Just a little Bit)

  18. i thought at the end ava was gonna become the red dress girl but i thought wrong i guess.

  19. Remind me to not be friends with brunettes that play Roblox

  20. I’ve played twice and I was pretty good at it but I was kind of confused and it took forever :<

  21. I love how Ava is like ok there’s blood let’s just play

  22. my theory is that ava couldnt control her "dream?" so she kept doing dumb stuff but it doesnt all align tho lmfao
    also the way she sat down on the blood without doing anything had me wheezing and also noob and "red"

  23. I love it and I respect how much time you put into this I really do love it,its amazing

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