The Morning After my girls’ first flag football game and RAMS game 2. -

The Morning After my girls’ first flag football game and RAMS game 2.

The morning after with Kelly stafford
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Chris and Steve talk about coaching my girls’ first flag football game, being single in LA, and their least favorite thing about Matthew.


  1. So glad to see Matthew is doing great with the Rams! 🎉🏈🎉🏈🎉We are a transplant family from Sterling Heights, and love living in So Cal! My son lives in East LA and bought Matt’s jersey when he 1st became the quarter back for the Lions… when the Lions played Glendale a few years ago-right before covid-we went to the game and hung with our Lion friends who flew in from the big D. What a great memory! Pray we do well this weekend! Go Ram’s 🏈🏈🏈 you are too cute, even if you say the f-word! 😂

  2. I’m a Seahawks fan by I respect for QB Matt Stanford.

  3. I freaking love Kelly. There’s no bigger Matthew Stafford fan then me, it’s not possible and I have loved these two for so long. I’ve been a Lions fan since 1993 and Stafford is the best QB in Lions history. I just wish these two all the best. I’ll always root for both of them, and Kelly is such a bad ass. I would do anything just to let them both know how much I root for them no matter what.

  4. Here from MI. Miss you and your family so much! You’ve done so much for this city. Always cheering for Matthew and the Stafford clan 💙💙

  5. Love this! Even better than last week! Keep up the F bombs! It’s you and your personality!

    I’m from Michigan and live in AZ now so I have to look up Chris’ brother!

    Go Kelly! Go Matthew! Go Rams! #staffordstrong

  6. Huge fan of the Lions and so grateful Matthew blessed us with his otherworldly talent for so long. You guys are missed, but rooting each week for #9 to get his ring! This podcast is a blast! Thanks for doing it and being real, even in LA. Lol!

  7. I’m a football fan and I’m old. I’ve never watched anything like this but I am really liking this. So interesting to see these real & raw videos. I will keep watching this.

  8. Revolution Championship Martial Arts says:

    Nice job!!! Keep it up. I’m here for it every week!! Very enjoyable!!!

  9. So fun! I’ll keep tuning in from Michigan cause I love y’all!

  10. This was even more entertaining than the previous one…absolutely adore how incredibly humble and down to Earth you and Matthew are!! $350 on a 1st date seems ludicrous, but once they broke it down it made sense—also made me grateful for my better half!! Keep it up…you’re definitely onto something good here!! And…BTW…Ford Field just isn’t the same without y’all! #9FanForLife #StaffordStrong

  11. 💗 love it.. so much truth and entertainment. Much love from Michigan

  12. So funny!! Listened while making dinner!! I am sad the Colts lost since I am from Indiana, but it was good to see Matthew get another win!

  13. $350 for a date?????? That's HOLLYWOOD….Chris are you not remembering your Detroit roots? Lol

    I was out in LA in June for my bday & I don't think I spent $350 my entire trip. I live in Atl & everything costs from parking to cover charges. I'm from The D where everyone likes to show off

    Please let me show yall that a good date isn't that expensive lol

  14. And Kelly, you didn't know about THOTS, HILARIOUS

  15. I love that you guys are so normal and down to earth. I am a huge fan of Matthew and now watch the Rams games with the Lions💜. Will keep watching. Great job Kelly!

  16. I was not at all a football fan. At all!!!

    My husband is a die hard Lions fan and would always talk to me about a game and I tend to ignore it….He then suggested that I start following you on social media and I started liking football because of you and your husband! I absolutely love how normal and how open you all are about your lives. Please continue to do these videos! 💕

  17. Lions fan that just moved to Indy last year. Was really hoping you guys were going to come down here! Was at the game this Sunday and made sure to get down to the tunnel after the game to let Matthew know Lions fans still love him!

  18. OMG!! $300 to $500 for a date?!? My beautiful Wife, our Frenchie (Cash), and I, went to a cabin that slept 8 in Blue Ridge, GA last week for four days that was only 1k. Dates are either WAY more expensive than when we/I grew up. Or it has become a "show me your money" contest. Being raised in Northville, MI. It was never about showing off what's in your wallet. Remember ya'll, your heart can and will ALWAYS hold more than that wallet. Find you a girl/woman that loves being around you, your friends, and your family, more than breaking your bank account. BE HUMBLE. If you care enough to save for your future (that may include her) that should speak volumes! Homemade meals have always been a way to my heart, AND HERS!! It just means more… I bet you Chef Chris knows (wink wink), lol. Keep up the great work everyone!

  19. Love this,

    but…..trying to understand how a man is “good” or “amazing” when he cheats, lies and abused my best friend who he was with (and this is recent). Whom was amazing to him and did nothing to him but support him, and had his back from the beginning. And chooses a female who knew he was taken months prior to meeting him face to face and knowingly destroyed something sorry no class in my opinion.. Just having a hard time understanding that part. (She is going to hate me for this but she won’t say it, so I will for her.)

    But love u and I love Mathew and ur best friend from college very funny about the hickey. U don’t see that to often on grown men hahaha.

  20. Rapid fire question: Is there a scenario where you see Mathew playing for the Lions again?

  21. Another good one!!! You are all awesome 👏🏻

  22. Back in my single days I did dates, paid for it all. Quickly wised up to just going out for drinks, more conversation without stuffing your face, much cheaper…much easier to end the date if there are no vibes.

    So interesting to listen, keep it coming!

  23. I'm pretty sure lobster don't like the two of you so…

  24. How don’t you have your own gene in every room lol

  25. Born and raised in LA spent nowhere near 350 for a date max 250.

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