The GIRLIEST Girls Go Games -

The GIRLIEST Girls Go Games

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Today we check out Girls Go Games’ GIRLIEST games.

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  1. I actually got a bit frustrated when he was going "it's basil!"

  2. Joinen’s reaction to the puppy’s whimpers at 14:42 is surprisingly accurate to working in a veterinary clinic

  3. ohh okay I get it now, nikita dragun must get her manicures from girlsgogames

  4. Seeing Joinen get worried for the puppy was so cute and wholesome! 🐶💕

  5. I worked at dominoes and the owner of the shop I worked at was threatening to murder everyone, specifically a pregnant woman (if I see you sitting again I'll chop you into little pieces and throw you in the dumpster never to be seen again). He was also very very hairy and his arm hair would fall into pizzas and through the little tray where the excess toppings would fall off into and THEN he'd scrape out that tray and use it for supreme pizzas. Those toppings would sit in that tray ALL day and he'd just use use the hairy old toppings. Disgusting absolutely disgusting

  6. You definitely played the teeth one before and you did the exact same thing 🤣

  7. the one person who disliked this is a girls go game lover

  8. Joinen: I quit.
    Boss: Mmmmh no. I don't think so. I don't think you do.
    Joinen: …ok

  9. I think joinen is just using “content” as an excuse to play these games now

  10. I hate to be that guy to say something is wrong and correct it but i have to educated people on this. First of all that's not how to check a dogs heart beat. You check on the soft spot behind the front leg. Secondly when I was at college they taught us that you check a dogs pulse via their main artery inner thigh, if the dog is male yes near their genitals, a vet will do this its awkward but its not weird because that's the biggest and most accessable artery. And thirdly i learned how to do cpr on a dog that same day at college and the vet will never press on the front of the check because it can kill the dog with their rib cabe breaking and rupturing the dogs organs the vet will press on the soft spot behind the dogs front leg gently to bring back the heart and have a plastic sleeve that goes over the dogs mouth and nose with an opening at the nose for them to breath into since we humans can't fit our mouths around a dogs mouth. This type of stuff will usually only be done on bigger dogs and never a smaller animal like a cat, dog, bird, rat, rabbit and more because like babies animals are fragile and to do this stuff on some smaller animals can cause more harm than good. This is when you're vet will opt to euthenise your pet for you to allow them to die peacefully and painlessly. And this is everything I've learned so far to become a vet or work with animals myself. I am not finished or qualified but i do have a vet mindset and i do know how difficult it is to have to put a pet down and know that they're always sorry for having to do this part of the job its the one thing i need to over come myself to finish. So yeah sorry that we won't be able to do cpr on your pet if its not a medium or big dog.

  11. Joinen, idk if you'll see this but…some cheeses are SUPPOSED to have mold

  12. I used to play on that website all the time when I was little.

  13. kiz10girls is totally not a suspicious name at all

  14. Your sweater looks so ridiculously comfortable!😍

  15. omg i used to play on that website when i was a kid!! wow.
    once i made the mistake of looking up go girls games. com on my moms friends laptop, and it was a prawn website, it was a terrible shock, learned my mistake, always make sure your typing in the address correctly! damn dyslexia.

  16. Does anyone know if Joinen has stumbled across a game on Girls Go Games called "turkey cooking simulator"? I played it for the first 45 minutes and its something else. A real-time turkey cooking simulator, where you are tasked with not killing your family in a house fire on thanks giving, and listening to a grandmother and grandfather sing about Hitler in the snow being mauled by a bear. The family interactions are very odd, and your companion throughout the game is the ghost of the turkey you are cooking. The cat speaks, it says mysterious and ominous things. I felt like it was about to turn into a horror game at any second honestly, that some eldritch monstrosity would be lurking in the street from the view of the window for seconds at a time and maybe I wouldn't catch it. It was so odd, and the only reason why I stopped playing is because for some reason it crashed my computer, I can't even imagine why with all honesty, its not a complex game or anything, you just stand there staring at the oven and the open window until more dialogue is prompted. Strangest game I have ever played.

  17. You did play the floss game about 7 months ago

  18. 13:23 i love how they stole Miraculous LadyBug and just renamed her “Dotted Girl” lmao like at least be more creative

  19. Love how they're calling Ladybug from Miraculous (why is there so many!?) Dotted Girl 😂

  20. I like how, when he posted the tweet 13:03, all of those objects, ruler, calculator and notebook, had no eyes and actually stared deep in your soul as if they've been possessed by something.

  21. my favorite pastime is watching a grown man from across the world playing girly flash games


  23. this is what i mean when i say i’m a gamer

  24. Its not the basil!!!! Ugh, that killed me.

  25. Reminds me of the Viva LA Dirt Legue video where the employee, Adam, goes in to the manager, Rowan, office to give his 2 week notice because he was moving & Rowan said no. Adam tried to explain but Rowan was having none of it so Adam ended up just walking out with his head down cause he knew he'd never escape lol. It's in their bored series if anyone is interested lol

  26. When the dog started whimpering, is it just me or Joinen's eyes watered up?

  27. It was suppose to be pickles you picked the wrong thing

  28. You should check out the OLD girly games on the Y8 browser app, you can still play flash games there

  29. We had a dog who absolutely loved fruit, ESPECIALLY bananas. He got his medicine in bananas. If presented with a nice juicy piece of meat and a piece of banana he would go for the banana. Every time. Dog treat vs banana -> banana wins. If you wanted to eat a fruit you either had to share it with him or be sneaky about it so he wouldn't find out.

  30. I worked at an Irish themed gift shop for 1 day. I got trained on everything, ran the register, etc. and then got another job offer that evening so I had to call in to my job the next day. Luckily it was only a part time job and the woman was very nice about it

  31. Sisi Games, this is Sisi Truck.

  32. Joinen I never laugh as hard as I do watching your videos. you are making my day

  33. Joinen talking about working in a pizza place reminds me of when I worked in a chippie for all of one day.

    – the owners husband would shout at anyone who was idle
    – despite knowing I had severe social anxiety, and would cause harm to myself if pushed too hard (scratching my arms, picking my skin, etc) they forced me to answer the phones and try to market more foods to them
    – the food prep area (just behind the counter) was one person wide, so I burned myself often on the assorted curries that they served with the chips when someone had to cut through to get to the counters or serve someone
    – the owner shouted at me for not coming in through the back entrance, even though she never told me there was a back entrance
    – we weren't allowed to bring our uniforms home, and HAD to get changed in store
    – they couldn't clean the floors because their mops were broken, but the owner was too cheap to replace them
    – I found out that I wasn't going to get paid at all for the first 2 weeks – month when I overheard my coworker ask why I didn't have a card (I didn't know they had time cards)
    – I found out after I left that the one person that was nice to me while I worked there was a convicted pedo
    – I never even actually interviewed or asked for the job, my brother just came home one day and said "you have a job now!"

    the place is burned down now, can't imagine why

  34. joinen getting mad at a pizza game targeted toward little girls is hilarious

  35. i love how joinen is just raging over his old job while painting the drawing of a house with crayons

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