The Girl Games of Lost Media (Part 2) - Documentary -

The Girl Games of Lost Media (Part 2) – Documentary

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The Girl Games of Lost Media Part 2

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I still can’t believe part 2 ever even happened…This doesn’t feel real. Thank you so much for sticking around and watching the first half of the documentary, now with an all new conclusion and a whole lot of new finds! I’m so excited to share the remainder of my journey with you in this half hour video. Who knew the mystery behind the Mean Girls DS game could be so compelling?? Watch as I piece together the mystery, and make new finds that brings me towards a most satisfying conclusion!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.
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Watch Part 1 of the doc here:


00:00:00 – Prologue
00:00:37 – Intro
00:02:12 – Chapter 001: You Go, Glen Coco
00:06:25 – Chapter 002: Hair Full of Secrets
00:11:01 – Chapter 003: You Let It Out, Honey
00:13:40 – Chapter 004: The Limit Does Not Exist
00:18:36 – Chapter 005: The Rules
00:20:36 – Chapter 006: Get In Loser, We’re Learning
00:23:56 – Chapter 007: Mean Girls DS: Chapter Breakdown
00:28:24 – Chapter 008: Debugging The Burn Book
00:31:41 – Chapter 009: Call to Action
00:33:15 – Outro

Raven Simone

The Cast of Mean Girls DS

Narrator: Saberspark
Crush Digital Media Employee: Adum/YMS
Mean Girls DS Anon: Blameitonjorge
Gretchen: Simone De Rochefort
Regina: ItsGirlfriendReviews
Damian: Schaffrillas
Coder/Hacker: Blessing Adeoye Jr.

Intro/Outro Music
Sometimes Hearts Collide – Particle House ft. Christine Smit

All other music from
Epidemic Sound

Additional B-Roll Footage

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  1. Nancy Drew can pack her bags, there's a new master detective in town and she's absolutely killing it

  2. this is so cool! making lost media history

  3. Girl You Got BlameItOnJorge as one of the VA!!! He's my favorite Lost Media Youtuber

  4. Surprised no one else is suggesting you ask your dev contacts for a debug room, cheat codes, or test saves. If you can't fix the ROM, you may still be able to access more content with any of those if they exist.

  5. I’m a programmer and I’m willing to help out

  6. I found your channel with the Clueless video and I love how you presented everything, it was really interesting and I got really excited when you released the trailer for this. Great job! I can't wait to see the story unfold.

    I am really sad to see people pushing you about releasing the game. If the game had been released when it was meant to there would never have been so much hype to play it, and I think it is great you are sticking to your guns and respecting your source. That kind of thing getting out could ruin someone's career.

  7. I screamed when you said you found the mean girls ds game. Holy shit

  8. Like I said on the previous video, it's really cool to see lost media finally being found.

  9. I immediately recognized the narrator as Saberspark

  10. this is a genius masterpiece labor of love – you wouldn't have had to go half this hard w production even without the GOODS TO DELIVER but you d i d and every sound, image, wipe, framing is loaded with emotion and sincerity + is fun af + what an incredible ride – I'm sure you know all this stuff bc you laid em in there yourself but just
    Now you're critical spike moment in the history and totality of of mean girls 2 hell yeah good for you cannot sing praises enough

  11. HUGE THANKS FOR THIS GREAT WORK!! Seeing how your effort came to this result is awesome, I am so happy this lost media was found even when the ROM cannot be shared! I got caught up on this mystery from your first video and this makes me so happy! The level of production and investigation is awesome, I cannot believe you don’t have more subscribers. I’ve subscribed to see more of your excellent content 😄😄😄

  12. Ah yes omg I watched your first documentary, and I'm so happy there's a part 2

  13. Its so cool how you put so much effort in making this video! I would love to know what happend with the pretty in pink game.

  14. Your voice is so cute, are you a voice actress?

  15. Your work on this series is breathtaking. I have been enthralled from start to finish. So glad I got to watch 1&2 today. Looking forward to what you find next.

  16. First Clueless and now Mean Girls?! You’ve definitely cemented your status as a legend in the internet history books. Way to make the lost media iceberg creator have to update the iceberg to remove mean girls ds lol

  17. Man, once again an incredible video. This video along with the previous one are absolutely incredible and such a cinematic experience, I am genuinely surprised neither have millions and millions of views.

  18. i legit had a dream ln i was playing mean girls DS ahhhh i was so excited to share it😫😂


  20. I would go on about how awesome this episode and it’s buildup was, or how charming your production, voice and writing are, and especially how awesome it is that we’re coming closer and closer to finding this game, but everyone else has already said that. Amazing video!

  21. brb, im literally about to show this video to every person i’ve ever met

  22. This particular game has been on so many lost media lists so this is crazy to me! I can't believe you were able to get your hands on the ROM. I didn't even think it existed at one point.

  23. Now i can seat to watch the full vid.
    This is crazy

  24. It’s so weird because mean girls ds was like the holy grail of video game lost media and a lot of people thought that it would never be found but here we are it has been found kinda

    Dude if you’re reading this please upload the gameplay video to internet achieve because if you just upload it on YouTube it could get deleted

  25. I love your content, its so welly (is welly even a word??) put together and you explain things so so well 🙂


  27. don't have time to watch rn but gonna like and comment for that algorithm gr8 content love da work glad to have these parts of media that no one discusses much brought back woooooooo

  28. You’re doing gods work. I hope it can be shared in a playable state. I wonder if Nick Robinson could help?
    Thank you so much for all your effort!

  29. Wow what a treat this was to watch. Some of the best content I’ve ever seen on YouTube!

  30. I absolutely adore your editing style! I loved the first part and the second part is bound to be even better! I could listen to you talk about literally anything.


  32. this is so epic! congrats on all your hard work and your amazing discovery!

  33. Finally found the time to see this, and this is great for what you've uncovered! You a real sleuth in the lost gaming community in this!
    Here's to hoping when the world gets much better that the game can be properly fixed!

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