The Girl Games of Lost Media (Part 2) - Documentary -

The Girl Games of Lost Media (Part 2) – Documentary

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The Girl Games of Lost Media Part 2

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I still can’t believe part 2 ever even happened…This doesn’t feel real. Thank you so much for sticking around and watching the first half of the documentary, now with an all new conclusion and a whole lot of new finds! I’m so excited to share the remainder of my journey with you in this half hour video. Who knew the mystery behind the Mean Girls DS game could be so compelling?? Watch as I piece together the mystery, and make new finds that brings me towards a most satisfying conclusion!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.
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Watch Part 1 of the doc here:


00:00:00 – Prologue
00:00:37 – Intro
00:02:12 – Chapter 001: You Go, Glen Coco
00:06:25 – Chapter 002: Hair Full of Secrets
00:11:01 – Chapter 003: You Let It Out, Honey
00:13:40 – Chapter 004: The Limit Does Not Exist
00:18:36 – Chapter 005: The Rules
00:20:36 – Chapter 006: Get In Loser, We’re Learning
00:23:56 – Chapter 007: Mean Girls DS: Chapter Breakdown
00:28:24 – Chapter 008: Debugging The Burn Book
00:31:41 – Chapter 009: Call to Action
00:33:15 – Outro

Raven Simone

The Cast of Mean Girls DS

Narrator: Saberspark
Crush Digital Media Employee: Adum/YMS
Mean Girls DS Anon: Blameitonjorge
Gretchen: Simone De Rochefort
Regina: ItsGirlfriendReviews
Damian: Schaffrillas
Coder/Hacker: Blessing Adeoye Jr.

Intro/Outro Music
Sometimes Hearts Collide – Particle House ft. Christine Smit

All other music from
Epidemic Sound

Additional B-Roll Footage

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  1. absolutely not trying to make this sound like a read but was talking like an early 2000's main character on purpose ?

  2. huge congrats, you deserve it!

    perhaps a programmer could help you over a Zoom call?

  3. I've been moving out of my apartment for the last week and have been saving this video as a reward for getting most of it done. So glad you were able to find it!!!

  4. This is amazing! My inner child is finally satisfied 😌 I just need barbie world back now! 😂

  5. *leaving a comment to increase interaction of the video cause I see you’ve put a lot of effort here

  6. You deliver your script in a like. Child star voice, very Disney channel lol. It suits the content uvu

  7. Have you tried searching for the most mysterious song on the internet?

  8. I love this video!!! Thank you for sharing this 🥺 but I'm like sure I've seen this game in a game store when I was small, but I might be wrong, but now you actually have it 😍😍

  9. How do you not have 100× the subscribers, already??

  10. Very cool stuff, thanks for respecting that anons wishes. That was very cool of you. Also really enjoyed the editing. That intro was dope.

  11. netflix documentary material. no actually much better than that, sorry

  12. If/when you are able to release the rom, I would love to get it working on my DS! Other than that, there’s not much I can do but hope for the best in the future! I’ve subscribed and I’m really wishing for it to get debugged soon. Thank you for your tireless work, this means the world to the lost media community!

  13. Not me actually gasping out loud at Jorge’s voice in this video 🤦🏼

  14. This is really an amazing discovery. Congratulations!

  15. Yep, you are definitely the female and POC version of Nick Robinson

  16. Great follow up! It's got to be so satisfying, even with the current bugs, that you actually got the ROM. And kudos to you for honoring the anonymous donor's request not to release it.

  17. you found two pieces of lost media over the course of, what, less than six months? insane. you go glen coco.

  18. This documentary and it's predecessor have been more than I ever expected
    As someone whose interest in lost media has the side effect of existential late night dread on the subject and game preservation in general, thank you so much for ensuring not one, but two lost games are no longer just that!

  19. I really like the kinda thought narration acting combo in these videos

  20. i feel like this video is not as viral as it deserves to be??? i feel like this has always been one of the biggest mysteries that i'd always hear about on the internet like, why is this not the biggest thing ever???

  21. This is really amazing! I hope you get the rom working soon!

  22. This is such a cool find, amazing work tracking this down and presenting the story in such a compelling way! I love your style of editing, and your passion for the game comes through really clearly and made me so excited to find out any more details about this game I hadn't even heard of before seeing your videos!

    It's a pity about the progress-breaking bug, but what you've uncovered has been amazing anyway! Maybe one option to get around it might be if you could find a really good DS game hacker who'd be willing to screenshare with you and walk you through debugging why the screen goes blank, so you'd still stay the sole person with a public copy of the ROM? Or maybe it'd be worth trying to edit the game's save file to see if you can just skip over that one minigame – like maybe using a hex editor to compare how the autosave file changes before/after picking a location in the Burn Book, and then testing out different values on the bytes that change to see if the modified save jumps you to a later point in the game?

    The dialogue for the game might be stored as uncompressed plaintext too, so you could potentially read the script for all the later parts of the game by looking at the ROM through a hex editor!

  23. Your previous video made such a huge impact

  24. Oh my god she really did it y’all. The fact that you needed to uncover the Clueless game in order to find the Mean Girls game is just wild to me. It’s been a great ride though

  25. You got so many great names to help with these, RebelTaxi, blameitonjorge, Saberspark, seriously I never thought Id hear them all in one place

  26. wtf this video should have like 120m view, we are so much poeple who were seeking to find this game and you did it.

  27. you have in your hand the games ROM, it's so amazing, you are doing right not to share it because it's what he asked, i'm a game dev myself and i know that contract can put you in very serious trouble if you give informations or part of the game and they can trace you, you can lose a lot so please do as he ask and don"t share it even if i would love to have this rom myself, his career is more important.

  28. hi can you find super why lost pilot 1999 nick jr it was lost there is a youtuber name lsupersonicq he make lost medias to he treas to find super why lost pilot 1999 nick jr but he can not find it he can only find scerenshots so you find it bc you find the means girls nintendo ds bc you realy goood finder if you can not find its ok bye

  29. i olmost forget if you want listen to super why lost pilot song you can find on youtube

  30. This is on the same tier of legendary as Nick Robinson finding the McDonalds game

  31. i cant believe this video has so few views, this is lost media history!!!

  32. Not to ask too much but just to help the trilogy I have to ask if we know whatever happened to the Pretty in Pink DS game? I mean since there's Clueless DS I assume that the third one has to be out there somewhere too who knows that one might have even been released? I don't actually know but it seems the fitting conclusion to the search to find the last of the trifecta of Gamespot article DS games.

  33. Seeing Mean Girls on dual screens brought a tear to my eye

  34. Why not set it up through something like Google Remote Desktop? A programmer could come onto your computer, work on the rom, and leave, all without actually having the file itself, and you could terminate the session if they try to copy it over or something. Yeah, you'd have to watch over the whole process, but it would be a way to do it without betraying the trust of the anonymous source who sent it to you. I would also contact Paramount to see if they could potentially give you permission (or point you to someone who could), since they own the rights to Mean Girls. Beyond that, I don't really know what else you can do.

  35. Found your channel with part one of this video subscribed. Then watched you on the Kinda Funny Gamescast talking about part two. This did not disappoint, looking forward to the GTA 64 vid, great stuff.

  36. You are incredible. So criminally underrated.

  37. wah i swear this didn't show up on my subscription page :< sending a like and a comment to boost. xx

  38. You’d make one hell of private detective

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