The Girl Games Of Lost Media - Documentary -

The Girl Games Of Lost Media – Documentary

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The Girl Games of Lost Media

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I’m beyond excited to finally have The Girl Games Of Lost Media documentary finished and released for you guys. The topic of lost media is so incredibly fascinating and it was a pleasure to be able to really sit down and investigate the mysteries behind the Mean Girls and Clueless Nintendo DS games. Thank you for your countless love and support these last four months, working away at this video has really been a trip LOL I hope you guys like the final product 🙂 I’d love to make more videos of this caliber… This is only the beginning!

Thank you for everyone who helped make this possible.
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00:00:00 – Prologue
00:05:00 – Intro
00:06:29 – Chapter 001: The Wonder Years
00:10:05 – Chapter 002: Meet The Press
00:13:57 – Chapter 003: That’s So Fetch
00:21:42 – Chapter 004: Keeping Up With The Konfusions
00:24:27 – Chapter 005: Development Hell
00:31:36 – Chapter 006: Retracing Steps
00:33:50 – Chapter 007: Clueless Fashion Has Entered Chat
00:44:16 – Chapter 008: Found Footage
00:47:35 – Chapter 009: Clueless Fashion The Demo
00:49:51 – Chapter 010: The End…?
00:53:25 – Chapter 011: The Lost Media Drop
01:10:19 – Chapter 012: Mean Girls Has Entered Chat
01:13:32 – Conclusion
01:14:43 – Outro Documents:
Will be dumping everything onto the lost media wiki in the coming days!
Clueless Fashion: Visual Style Guide –
Clueless Fashion: Game Manual –
Clueless Fashion: Game Design Document –
Clueless Fashion: English ROM –

The Cast of Clueless:
Pokimane – Cher
BlessingJr – Narrator
Simone de Rochefort – Dionne
Abby Russell – Amber

Additional Voices by:
Abby Russell – Forum Commentator
Penny Parker – Gamespot Commenters
Tama Hero – Gamespot Commenters
Simone de Rochefort – Clueless Style Guide Narrator
Don (Dad as Heck) – Employee at Crush Digital Media/Fuzzy Frog
Pam – Computer Voice/Automated Message
Quinton Reviews – Gamespot Commenters
Art M/Gamerfrommars – Gamespot Commenters and Anonymous Tip
JohnRiggs – CEO at Glyph Entertainment
John Duncan – 505 Games Support
Kelsey Lewin – Gamespot Commenter
Keely Clove – Gamespot Commenters
Pan/ Rebel Taxi – Philip Corner (ex game dev at Fuzzy Frog)
James/ Nitro Rad – Forum commentator
Brady Lindsay/ CaptainAmiibo – Forum commentator
YourMovieSucksDotOrg/ Adum – Mean Girls ESRB narrator

Intro/Outro Music
Sometimes Hearts Collide – Particle House ft. Christine Smit

All other music from
Epidemic Sound

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  1. This video may not have a million views but im seriously overwhelmed with all of the positive feedback its been getting. Thanks yall, that means a whole lot to me especially since this is an entirely different direction from the previous content on my channel😭💕💕💕 this is just the beginning! The more vids i make like this the higher the production!💜💜

  2. This is a big find. Why is no one talking about this!

  3. I swear I played a short demo of the Mean Girls High School Showdown online once…those images suddenly came rushing back to me seeing that footage. I remember thinking it was a mediocre flash game and I had no idea it was supposed to be a real release. That's insane.

  4. I woulda played the shit outta clueless as a kid.

  5. Watched this while patterning a fursuit head! lol I swear I didn't plan this

  6. I felt like I was watching a movie in this video.

  7. inspired by this video, i found two really old mickey mouse cartoons that i remember watching when i was a kid and i only had the smallest of memories of them but i found them both! it wasn't really hard, they were both on a wiki page but i finally found them after thinking i was going insane for over a decade

  8. This was an experience I didn't know I needed, you've won a new fan

  9. adam reading the ESRB rating for mean girls is something i didn't know i needed

  10. OKAY BUT what about the horse game where each horse card gives you an online realistic looking 2d bourse art that you can take care of??? Why can’t I remember it??

  11. Wow a lot of work went into the styleguide for the Clueless game
    Really makes me think those guys didn't want to just put out some shitty shovelware game out and actually try to make something fun and unique, that's amazing
    And this video is amazing, I love it

  12. Holy cow!! This is awesome!! I'm glad to have clicked & watched. :0

  13. this is hands down one of the best videos i’ve ever seen on youtube. so much time and effort went into this, you’re super dedicated and talented! i love when lost media is found and i am so happy this video was recommended!

  14. excuse me, is that a bijou plush from hamtaro? that took me back

  15. I've got my own "lost media"
    To my knowledge, I'm the only one who owns a copy of it- its a Nintendo DS game that i have downloaded on my 3DS and its a lolita/goth inspired dress up game. Very pixelated and fuzzy but i ADORE that game and its music.

  16. Wow everything is amazing in this.
    But that editing? PERFECTION

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