The Female Experience UNCENSORED | Valorant -

The Female Experience UNCENSORED | Valorant

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The first female experience video, but as some requested, UNCENSORED. More *funny* content coming soon. Watch some of my other videos too to see the Valorant experience in a better light.
Thank you to the men and women who have shared their experiences, who have spoken up in game, who use their mics, who choose not to use theirs. You’re all valid and you are welcome here.
(Misophonia warning–mouse clicks)
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  1. As a normal guy, i never do comms in valorant.

  2. I really want to start playing video games but I am so scared of creepy guys.

  3. i lowkey wanna start an only female discord valorant server 🙁

  4. Sorry I can't finish the video. Cringe levels exceeded the Max.

  5. Valorant girl breaths
    Valorant guys: I need to bark, my queen

  6. valorant is one of the most tame games for women to use vc on

  7. one time i was just casually playing and comming normally when this dude kept harassing me abt my age and then started asking how much i weigh and my height. i told him i was 5'9 so i am the average weight for that height. he googled it then was like wow ur 170. you fatty, dont worry i like my girls chubby baby. LIKE TFFFF?!?!?! i told him to stop and he was making me uncomfortable. he didnt. so i muted and reported.

  8. played with toast before, he pretended to have autism

  9. NOT THE 2 14 YEAR OLDS TRYNA RIZZ YOU UP. I fell outta my chair. lil bros need cognitive reprogramming wtf was that

  10. This is cringe in every single clip… In Germany we say "Fremdscham"

  11. Females are treated differently in valorant, not worse. Everybody is an asshole, being a woman is just ammunition to assholes.

  12. try not to get yelled at by a male in valorant challenge (impossible)

  13. This is exactly the opposite of what happens except for the sexual assault comments but they do it irl too, some people are just abusive, they will threaten it to your face, ppl can be mean

  14. damn i remember when my female friend was getting simped on by the enemy

  15. Shit's boring af, YOU GOTTA TALK MORE BOI its ur content after all

  16. I am a trans woman, and I get this shit constantly. Although it isn’t as bad as it is in this video since I don’t use vc, I still get a lot of the same comments and horny people. Got told to go back to the kitchen the other day, as well as other regular occurrences of just blatant sexism.

  17. Alternate Title: "Being sexually harassed in valorant"

  18. thats fucking dramatic im gonna fall into mysandrie and im a dude

  19. THIS is what it's like to be a female gamer :/ i really don't get why or how guys can or need to be so toxic
    this has been my experience since vid games went online.
    To my fellow gamer girls, i tell ya how to earn their respect or get them to block you. i started this way back in Halo 2. They Diss you, you team kill or only target them and you keep doing it until they quit the game or stop dissing you, if you can't team kill you "Fail" to help them.
    If they ask why you tell them. because they are acting like a misogynistic heap of trash and until they grow up and treat you with respect or they block you and leave you alone you will keep doing it to them. YES I'm that mean to guys like this.
    To the Respectable male gamers this is not aimed at you, in fact this is info for you, you see this happening, you want to support a female gamer dealing with this sexism, kick the toxic ones from the party, or help with annoying the fook out of them until they leave, also this bits to everyone report them for their game behaviours

  20. i try to defend girls in my lobbys when things like this happen but then i get called a simp.

  21. its so digusting how many creeps are out there. STAY SAFE!

  22. honestly i think men get more sexually harassed by other men in valorant

  23. why are they all behave like monekys that see a banana, i have to protect my banana, hey banane i want to eat you etc…. there all MONEKYS

  24. This is a respectable amount of bullshit in a game lobby. Enter a cod lobby and valorant suddenly turns into a nice chat over a cup of tea.

  25. There’s no way people cry over this😂 that’s mild compared to what most men go through on the internet

  26. As a female that plays Valorant I can agree this video perfectly describes the female experience. I’ve been asked many vile things by males that I wish to not repeat at this age and time. I hope this video spreads knowledge about what the female gamer experiences.

  27. I Wonder which sort of education got them to that… behaviour. I work at customer service and we hear those things daily (even if I'm a man it really gets weird sometimes for me too), and the less I want is to hear dumb stuff like that while playing games :/ I'm so sorry for these things, I often try to talk out the people about it when it happens to… you 'know, try to help, but unfortunately it mostly deppends of people's close social circle to actually make them change most of the time

  28. i am dismayed of the comportement of other guys , and sometimes girl about other girl playing , Bro it's a freaking vidéo game anybody can play at this and be good , stop raging,simping etc

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