The Daring Game for Girls - Game Grumps -

The Daring Game for Girls – Game Grumps

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So daring. So bold. So so.
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  1. select your character:
    hmmm shall i have the one with no defining features? or the one that looks like the other 6? choices choices

  2. I think this game is baced on a real book, I know there was a book called the dangerous book for boys, my father has a copy from his childhood

  3. still waiting for the tetherball 10 minute power hour

  4. Remember when they weren't scared to make jokes?

  5. 12:46 the daring game for girls dares to ask what if atlas shrugged # hustle

  6. i really like it when they play kids games, and make it dark! i really wish they would play more of those kinda games. 🙁

  7. Okay but I actually used to play this game for HOURS

  8. i dont like that the "Feather" item in the shop has a shape very much like a PENIS.

  9. Dan totally told Arin that he studied flowers in the French Alps before on Game Grumps. I can't believe Arin wouldn't remember that.

  10. i swear arin and dan playing games like these are always the best

  11. You know a game grumps video is going to be iconic when they play a horribly shitty game. 🤣🤣

  12. remind me of your gender again? right, you're a boy. these are for girls only.

  13. I remember having the book, and it had a section on making homemade ice cream by shaking it in a plastic bag. There was milk everywhere.

  14. All the girls look like Bratz Boyz all got a sex changes and started a new town

  15. Dan: "Some sweet, sweet running animation."
    And how about that super smooth framerate. (3:10)

  16. They should play tether ball for a 10 minute power hour

  17. Am I the only one who grew up on the daring book for girls? It was my childhood


  19. Every minute of this video had me laughing bruh

  20. Look ma, they turned gender dysphoria into a game!

  21. Had this book as a kid, and my brother had the Daring Book For Boys, which I immediately stole to learn the knots and trefoil flag signals and cool shit in the boy book.

  22. I'm just watching this now in 2022 and its hilarious.

  23. That character selection screen is somehow more unnerving than the one in The Path

  24. OMggg THis PREdicted FloSSIng!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Just Because A Person Is Included In Something Doesn't Mean Anyone Predicted Anything! Especially If It's Easily Explained By That Person Already Running For President Back When The Episode Aired!!

  25. Games for girls: "You can do it! Comb that horse's hair sweetie!"

    Games for men: "Pull the gun out of your ass and mow down the army of the rockstar undead, be careful not to get hit by the big dick meteors!"

  26. YO I HAD THE BOOK WHEN I WAS A KID i loved it so much. my friend had the boys version

  27. i had the double daring one of this and the big book of girl stuff. good times lol

  28. I remember my aunt buying this game when I was little and I thought it was the coolest shit ever.

    Now I’m a trans guy and laughing my ass off lol

  29. 8:38 I'd argue Frankenstein's Monster's name is Adam since he's referred to as such in the novel though not expressly in the context of his name is Adam more that he's the first of his kind however it's close enough to a name that I personally count it.

  30. 7:00 don't mind me, putting my favorite part of the video here for whenever i'm sad

  31. Imagine a spoof of this game where, instead of being based around the Daring Book for Girls, its based on the Anarchists Cookbook

  32. Darnold has to play this again, but w/ the wiimote positioned properly this time for Dan 🤣

  33. I thought this was a bratz game😅

  34. the way i come back to this video every two years

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