The Best Roblox Games For Girls! -

The Best Roblox Games For Girls!

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The Best Roblox Games For Girls!

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In this video we show you and tell you The Best Roblox Games For Girls!
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  1. I NEW the 1 ONE i NEW m eep City AND THE yutuber hur name is sanna AND hur CHANNEL name is iamsanna. 3 is adopt me i nee it AND yutuber is meganplays. Roblox HIGH school i NEW it i dont play it ALOT but YEAH. Bloxburg AND i FINK its SUNSET safarie idk but bloxburg is a game THAT idont play BICKUSE i have to PAY ROBUX AND YEAH

  2. Omg am a VERY BIG fan of sanna I love you sanna

  3. No one gonna talk about I know all of the games u send-

  4. 𝙸𝚝𝚣 𝙰𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚢 𑁍᪥ says:

    0:38 Janet and Kate Wooooopwoooooop!!

  5. Me coming in there with a scary skin:
    "Oh this is where the fun begins"

  6. I love meepcity but there always people doesnt speak english

    can you make a video that is how to find a english server in Meepcity

  7. I love bloxburg but that costs robux

  8. I’m pretty sad bc I don’t have robux for bloxburg-


  10. Am on level 67 on Royal one of my favourites

  11. If ur a boy pls don't go to Royale high and name urself jake- (srsly-)

  12. Games that i rarely play bcz boring :/ : Royale high,adopt me,meepcity and i am here to find new adventure game for girls bcz i see all adventure is for boy.

  13. My favorite girl games Royale high, adopt me,meep city

  14. i like bloxburg but i dont have robux 🙁

  15. fun fact: I played all of these games except bloxburg-

  16. The fact that he forgot to mention that you can build in bloxburg, it just-iust-offends me

  17. lol im almost level 200 in royale high

  18. No hate but I hate Royal high and I’m a girl🙄

  19. Who hasn’t heard of these games? I want something underrated and cute!

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