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Spitting Game To Korean Girls

Jimmy Zhang
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its harder than it looks might have to start using duolingo


  1. Do you think they can speak comfortably even though they are being filmed?

  2. Just like in america: "speak english😅

  3. I feel like these are all fair responses to a random dude coming up and trying to hit on u

  4. An Asian guy in Asia saying he's a foreigner. You look exactly the same as they do.

  5. Such a fuckin try hard relax you sad sack of shiiiii

  6. He would have a better experience in Japan . Japanese people are much more polite

  7. Ah yes, the camera and the mic on your phone is prob not the issue

  8. First of all, your tattoo is pretty lame according to Koreans. Second of all, they can smell your chink face miles away.

  9. As a foreigner
    Looks exactly like them just speaking English 😂

  10. “No❤” was the winner of this video

  11. My guy youre just Asian. Theyve seen your fuck boy blond, no shirt, a few tattoos cause thats what you think is hot/cool more times then you can count…… Throw a tall white boi or a good looking black dude. Easy work.

    Cringy as fuck.

  12. Gotta be black with a clean shaven face and work out a little and don’t be really ugly. 😂😂

  13. Don’t go to cultures that look down and laugh at Americans . We did it to ourselves

  14. 1. Put a shirt on when you have a ugly body and random tattoos 2. Speak Korean 3. Do not stick camera in their face

  15. Be a white male and 6 feet
    You're a literal god in Asia
    Asians worship white skin and people

  16. Bro you're so dumb, that's like a korean person going to Mexico trying to pick up latinas when they don't know spanish. You can't just assume everyone can speak your language

  17. Never go to Korea not worth it women suck there

  18. You have to be good looking first to even try this. Idk how you skipped this step.

  19. It’s because he’s Asian also, if it was a white European dude they’d be all over him

  20. 1) Put some clothes on you aren’t Arnold
    2) put the fucking camera down, the world isint filled with American Attention 403’s
    3) Go to a bar or a setting where you don’t come off like a con artist/David Blaine.

  21. Directives :- Speak Korean ..
    He : はじめまして。
    Korean. So you have chosen DEATHOOO 💀💀

  22. Pick up and do what lol. Girls aren’t just supposed to be in some type of experiment like this. I think it’s kinda disrespectful tbh. Also, if you don’t speak the language to some extent most likely you don’t understand the culture too. Going into a situation like that where you don’t know anything about them and trying to ‘pick up girls’ ain’t the right thing to do. Learn the basics then approach. I cannot tell you how much Koreans even appreciate a foreigner knowing the basics. They open up to you so much more.

  23. You not in New York Jimmy 😂. These folk shy

  24. Jimmy looking 👀 like the yakuza with them tats and shirtless. That might be the problem. Wear suit 🕴and try again

  25. Honestly women already don't like to be approached with someone with a camera already so that's already cutting the % in half… adding to the fact if you aren't that attractive women will think it's creepy.

  26. first you got to have a better looking face.

    second, put on a shirt bruh

  27. They are one of the most racist people ever too dont forget that fact

  28. How to approach Korean women:
    1. Don’t be obnoxious. Put a shirt on etc.
    2. Speak Korean.
    3. Don’t be Japanese or Chinese.

  29. Bro is shirtless and has a camera in their face. That’s only appealing to Americans who are thirsty for attention. Other countries are obviously not with the bullshit.

  30. Amazing how Korean girls stick to themselves today, far cry from American girls.

  31. Kimda of true, but stay long enough and that changes

  32. Wear a suit and a tie with crocks on and they will marry you on the the spot

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