SPANKING PRANKING GIRL GAMES! - 2 Girls 1 Quick Look: God Help Us -

SPANKING PRANKING GIRL GAMES! – 2 Girls 1 Quick Look: God Help Us

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We’ve unlocked the dark secrets of girl games. And the password is “naughty”.

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  1. This is a really niche market of homicidal lesbian teenage girls who play browser games

  2. I know requests can be bit annoying, but are you planning on playing Lady Killer In A Bind? I think you guys might like it!

  3. wait? How are the boys going to figure it out? i hope this is implying on how teen boys are immature or something

  4. oh oh my god
    i played that exact game when i was 6
    the naughty mall game
    is this why im so weird?!?!? is this why im gay?!?!?

  5. Wow, where did you get the full game of Outlast 2?

  6. Oh man. I got tears in my eyes from laughing. In one way it's horrifying that this is teaching kids what pranks are, but on the other hand the subliminal context is hilarious.

  7. my hoohah smells like plastic after watching these videos

  8. this feels like i'm reading creepypasta?

  9. I like how there is a site for HTML 5 right next to an anime girl that looks like she in a henti

  10. Yup. Definitely made for young gay girls, played this before i knew i was gay and was like 'damn this is fun'

  11. These were made by people who learned adobe flash for the first time, and want somewhere to upload their first projects.

  12. I'm convinced these game are for turning little girls into lesbians

  13. through this whole video. stacy is like what the hell

  14. this are vary much some kind of fetish games.

  15. when i was a little kid, like maybe 7 or 8 i used to be obsessed with these naughty games… looking back on it, im pretty sure that was a sign that i was gay so, in a way, youre right mari

  16. I want to see the intended demographic play these games. Or what the game developers think their intended demographic is.

  17. Please more lesbian Jasmine and Ariel

  18. These games remind me of the anime Yuri Yuri.

  19. I know people have said this in your comments, before: but the secret truth is these creepy girl games are basically the feminine side of "not-quite-porn" games, like those Japanese touching sims. Perversion is gendered, but not gender-exclusive.

  20. golden ending all the people in these games go to jail for harassment and bullying

  21. That naughty roommate image should be your desktop wallpaper lol

  22. I got really excited when I saw Jasmine in the plaid and Ariel in the leather jacket haha

  23. when I look at the naughty roomates
    my mind automatically though of mari and staci LMFAOS

  24. Me, being a former personal trainer: THIS IS DANGEROUS!

    few seconds later


  25. I remember playing games like these as a kid, maybe this is why I'm gay. But really I never realized how problematic these games were till now, why did my parents allow me to play these games.

  26. Lol omg what makes this for girls? And what ages lol

  27. If Mari did stand-up, I'd probably love it.


  29. Yes I need to see you play some of these with Minx XD I can't wait

  30. Is this trying to appeal to some weird demographic between when people start getting curious about their bodies and just looking at porn? I feel like most people by the time they realize why their looking for explicit stuff theyve already figured out they can just click yes to being 18.

  31. those damn twelve year old lesbians and their very niche video game markets

  32. those damn twelve year old lesbians and their very niche video game markets

  33. when I was little like 7-11 little girl me would play these games and i loved them, then again id also search "girls making out" on YouTube a lot so maybe I was just a really sexually repressed lesbian…

  34. If you have any wedgie games besides wedgie toss I would love that big sisters.

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