Six-year-old girl thanks Prince Harry for Invictus Games -

Six-year-old girl thanks Prince Harry for Invictus Games

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Six-year-old Maya Turner gives Prince Harry a heart-warming letter thanking him for “helping my mummy” through the Invictus Games.


  1. Wow Prince Harry we all Love You 🤴👏👏👏👏💖💗💝

  2. God bless my lovely son Prince Harry, surely the great Lord will give him the strength to finish this mighty job . Can't wait for the Invticus games.

  3. Thank Prince Harry for having your mother's heart.

  4. harry u r an awesome and loving guy,,you do your mam credit as does William,,gbu

  5. prince Harry is such a sweet guys princess Diana would be so so proud of him he such a sweet spot for kids the little girl omg was so precious

  6. She read very well, sweet . Knowing Harry's love of children it was a lovely gesture . The boys of our beloved Diana . Live up to every hope she had for them to involve themselves personally with people . She would have loved Catherine, although being gracious and refined . Has a delightful 'fun' side like , Diana. Longing for Harry to share his life with his chosen bride .Then there will be a great group of young couples to help UK, to pass what might prove a difficult time ahead . The country will need everyone's energy and enthusiasm. To rebuild a Better life For the upcoming children. Think positive . Go forward Remember how your grandparents built the country UP AFTER 45.

  7. Couldn't understand what that little girl said, but doesn't matter, it's the kindness displayed that matters.

  8. Thank you to Prince Harry, the Royal family, and to one and all who made the Invictus games possible for all the warriors and their family's.

  9. We need more people like prince Harry in the world. Our past will only define us if we allow it to. I am so glad that HRH has the last laugh. God bless you HRH!

  10. Lo amo, es tan hermoso, por dentro y por fuera!!!

  11. so stellt man sich einen prinzen vor

  12. Harry is deeply connected in the most genuine manner to his Invictus family. It’s astonishing what he has accomplished by following his heart.

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