She Plays Virtual Reality Game, Turns Out Everything Happens In Game Happens in Real Life -

She Plays Virtual Reality Game, Turns Out Everything Happens In Game Happens in Real Life

Mystery Recapped
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A group of elite gamers receives a strange invitation to test out a new virtual reality system. When the gamers strap into their new hi-tech gear, they realize the game is for keeps and losing means paying with their lives.

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  1. damn this new live action sword art online sequel looking good

  2. Unconditional right to stop our own life whenever we want for all adults, my body my choice.

  3. Such an amazing game, fells almost like it’s real life 10/10

  4. This movie kinda reminds me of Ready Player 1

  5. Lol, they can do that in real life, such a hassle

  6. The first thing that came to my mind was SAO…

  7. should have killed the man but still take his money and trace the remaining family members of the dead players like the grandma with alz T_T and used the money to help them.

  8. Anyone else getting an SAO vibe from this?

  9. Ah shit, I'm in another country on my own and I am a gamer 😛

  10. In my opinion the ending is overused. It would have been interesting to see one where you find out everyone is actually alive and it was just a human experiment to see what people would do in situations like that.

  11. Sucks that the one person with actual combat experience was the first to be killed

  12. Ok when will the old movie trope of the token back guy always dies first, always plays a dumb martyr, pushing some poor little white girl out of the way of danger… Geesh.

  13. I’ve just seen 0:44 seconds and it seems like the Escape Room movie

  14. Moral of the story. Don't send someone through 99 levels of hell. Then let them off their lease.

  15. Is this what it’s like when you’re on drugs does your whole scenery change.

  16. Update. Oculus just came out with a VR headset that kills you if die in a game. Happy days a are here.

  17. They actually made an oculus we’re if you die it explodes the inside of the oculus and u die no cap I’m dead serious

  18. So an Indi crap version of gantz mixed with squid games? Hmmmm…. well I don't TOTALLY hate it.

  19. Today in the news —> Oculus founder creates a VR headset that kills you if you die in the game. This movie is legit becoming a reality

  20. Idc, I'm going away with the bag of money 😂lol

  21. Funny. The guy who found Oculus VR just stated he's into creating a VR that kills the user if they die in a game..

  22. Only $100,000 just to waste time and experience this brutal thing? Mr.Beast would give you $1,000,000 just to do 5 push-ups.

  23. Mustang is a total idiot for not accepting that cold hard cash 🙄

  24. Galadriel used to be a gamer! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?

  25. They coming out with this vr set that kills you as we speak you all be careful watch over your children and be mindful of the things that they take in the devil is running rapid but God is here in Jesus name.

  26. I love Sci-Fi movies, but……. The ONLY good think about this movie, was the recap!

  27. unfortunately palmer lucky made this a real thing

  28. I'm mad she didn't kill dachief. He's just gonna do it to another group

  29. Couldn’t she have gotten her revenge AND kept the money!?

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