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There’s a fun little guest on the ranch today and its not all fun and games but sometimes you need to have a little fun.

We love rodeo. We love this country. We love life.
Let us share some wild and fun rodeo videos with you.

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  1. 😆 😆 who is having more fun the kids or the grown ups

  2. Yep more an more like a trucker every day next you will be slamming the seat to the Floor and wanting that shifter extension back it’s all right takes one to know one keep the videos coming highlight of my day

  3. Only real truckers would modify the bunk to give you more room.

  4. Lovin' the TRUMP 2020 feather!!
    Raised right!!

  5. Reed, good to see you being a leader for young folks. Good role models in our society are so few,

  6. Sounds like that little feller has a pretty good knowledge of a bull wagon! Dad or somebody pretty close drives a bull wagon? Very good looking but having that serious look. Being raised right! I can tell that Reed would have been very uncomfortable driving a 359! Gonna have to get the Ol’ girl painted now !

  7. Bet you didn’t notice that red S on your shirt but that lil guy sure did I did too

  8. I’m impressed with your rope skipping skills, Reed! I would have ended up on the ground! You’ve got game!

  9. Riker is a yard wide and all wool. My compliments to his parents for raising a fine young man.

  10. Well that is some mighty fancy moves you have there, but that old saying about white boys can’t jump must be true😀😀Have a great day..😀👍☕️🇺🇸

  11. Gonna be a "Sweet Pete!" You life mural will be a glorious painting with many children that will remember when…. Thanks for sharing your story! 🤙🤙🤙🐄🤠💥💥👋👋👏👏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. What a cute little guy. Good jump in’ Reed 👏

  13. Check it out…’ole Butch pushin a Pete, now that exercise and strength training during
    the stay at home order…good on ya Butch.

  14. Hey Reed are you worried about the cattle future and price

  15. Well Reed, you managed to destroy the image of the rugged American cowboy. There is hope though. I think the little feller with the Trump feather on his hat will carry on the tradition.

  16. Love the feather in the hat🤙🏼🤘🏼

  17. Peterbuilt cabs…………… designed for 5' nothing drivers……………….LOL

  18. Next time do Double Dutch. Great feather in the youngin's hat. Truck on

  19. That lil' buckaroo sure is knowledgeable…can't wait until RL rolls into town and those 2 pair up. Should have most of the girl folk in town paying attention.

  20. Reed I want to buy a horse where should I go? I live in Albuquerque NM

  21. We see the greatness of a man in the way he cares his children,…., in this case many, many thumbs up !

  22. I really always enjoy watching ya and how you all enjoy life and enjoy what ya'll do. The little young man on there today had it all together as far Knowing what going on with the trailer. And I would like to have 2 of them feather.

  23. That big hole will make that truck so much better its really good if you are a tall guy.

  24. Did he say his favorite episode was- I hate this job – lol

  25. Great shoes, Mason! (though, not the best for working cattle, I'm guessing, lol) Riker was great. Another awesome and informative video. Thanks!

  26. How cute is He LoL!
    Who's the girl that can't jump rope LMBO!
    Jo Jo

  27. Great job young man on the Flake out. Mason I want a better shot of your footwear it looked really cool to me what I could see

  28. Going for the unibilt on the Pete. 👍👍

  29. I was thinking that little guy is sure cute and smart too, then I saw his hat feather, he's even smarter than I thought. Just another great video 👍!

  30. Room in the big blue truck. Time for a fridge, and a hot tub! Lol

  31. Hey…I’m thinking to do the same thing with my peterbilt is there a kit for it to make the hole bigger…….need that hat feather🇸🇪👍😃

  32. That little cowboy is cute! An observant child.

  33. The Drfiter - it's the little things. says:

    Cool kid knows his material. 7 people out of 11,657 didn't like his hat LOL

  34. Glad to see the TRUMP FEATHER ,TEACH THEM YOUNG ,

  35. Your a very good grandfather. God bless you and your whole family!!👍👍👍👍👍👍

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