Sarah The Horse Girl - The Best/Worst Horse Games On Steam -

Sarah The Horse Girl – The Best/Worst Horse Games On Steam

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MinnMax’s Sarah Podzorski brings Ben Hanson along for a ride as we play the best/worst games for horse girls on Steam. Every week on New Show Plus, we let Patreon supporters vote to choose what new show we create or continue. You can vote for more episodes of Sarah The Horse Girl on Patreon and we’ll be back next week!

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  1. Whimsical shit like this is why I love MinnMax; big 8-4 energy on this concept and video XD

  2. I welcome Sarah's genuine joy to the channel!

  3. At first I wasn't interested in this but when I head Ben's devious plan on the Council I though why the hell not watch it. I can tell immediately that Ben is enjoying this situation too much and Sarah is not really comfortable with being a Horse Girl 😀

  4. Ben's camera is zoomed in a bit too much and is cutting off the little cowboy hat that I assume he's also wearing on the top of his head. To match Sarah's.

  5. Elden Ring looks amazing! Love the bright colors and the horse customization!

  6. I want to play Star Stables with the Minn Max crew!

  7. This is a great idea for a series. Excellent content.

  8. I love in a previous video how Ben asks for clarification on if it is a 4-H horse girl. Same energy, but it is a little different.

  9. "It's a sure thing." – It's definitely going to happen.

  10. 5 seconds in I can already see that Ben is just along for the ride, same as us (pun intended)! I'm loving the Sarah energy 😀

  11. Germany also has a major franchise of horse girl films, Windstorm , 5 films and counting since 2013.

  12. Just the first minute of Sarah berating Ben for shaming her passion in horse girl games already has me laughing so hard.

    Great content y’all! Keep it up 🙂

  13. I'd fight to put RDR2 out there as a horse game. Atta girl.

  14. In to it.

    Video games are such a bigger thing then I think most of us really appreciate. There's this attitude of which games "count" that's such total horseshit (and pause for laugh) so I'm always very interested in being exposed to stuff like this that would never get covered by games media.

    Yeah these are kids games and I wouldn't ever play one. But people make these. People put time and effort and their lives into these and tons of people must keep buying and presumably loving them. That's amazing.

    Edit – Textbook case of not watching the whole video first lol. Dolly. Wow. I stand by my comment for the first game though :p

  15. "Redhead Redemption"

    And the joke of the year goes to fence builder extraordinaire, Mr Ben Hanson!

  16. I am genuinely curious about horse girl games. My partner, our son and I love the Spirit tv show by DreamWorks and I was thinking about getting the game based on it and maybe other horse games.

  17. I didn’t know I needed this until I saw it.

  18. Any content is good when there's passion behind it. I'll never play one of these games but I'll listen to Sarah talk about them as much as she wants.

    Also, I am not German and say "Sure Thing" fairly often.

  19. I called my horse ‘Flurry’ in Red Dead 2 and the stable master said, “That’s a strange name for a horse.”

  20. Why is no one mentioning the Heat of the Moment musical cover in the last game.

  21. Title is misleading, I assumed Sarah was a Centaur.

  22. "No, no, no. That's a b***h if I've ever seen one."
    Rolling. 😄

  23. We were all horse girls all along, and we need more.

  24. Ben: Now just to be clear I'm not a horse girl. That creature on the left. Is that a horse?
    Sarah: No, that's a dog.

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