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Ridiculous VR Anime Girl Games

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VR was made for Anime…


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  1. I can't wait for your kid to watch you play this, the one where D punches the girl's boobs(rip that game) and his father's 10/10 game Sakura Digger, maybe even get to play Sakura Digger 2 while dad is away on set.

  2. men are so fucking pathetic lmao

    and lol if you read this comment and still got mad after watching this video

  3. "Anime is for adults only." Accurate.
    Node word of the day: Boneworks. "Hey boys, make sure your bone works." … Should I leave now?

    Always delete the data.
    Hi Clint.

  4. We watched it when we were young. By the way, anime is just for adults XD

  5. is it bad if I recognise the Unity assets for the characters…?

  6. you know what's better? boneworks…WITH ANIME TIDDIES

  7. (Brandon walks in)
    Nico: It's not what it looks like
    D: It kinda is
    Brandon: Wait sign me up!

  8. You know what, I actually appreciate this informative content. Now I won't be tempted to spend $10 to find out just how bad these things are!

    Thanks for the quality educational content, Node!

  9. I demand Brandon to take over the sakura digger vr project of sam

  10. If any girls watch your vids, I don't think they'll be watching anymore

  11. its quite impressive that this was made with someone's left hand

  12. "Anime is adults only" ANIME IS AN JAPANESSE CARTOON DAMIT

  13. follow your heart
    hits the back button as fast as possible

  14. I want a GIF of D laying on the ground, vaping and saying "This is the future"

  15. You want a nice anime ? I loved Darling in the franxx so you might like it too (also the character on my photo is one of the two main character #thebestwaifuis002)

  16. You guys should do a reboot on the mansions of madness. Try to solve it!

  17. 12 year olds: :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  18. How is your Hentai digger game coming along?

  19. Brandon. You should feel proud that so many people are asking foe Boneworks content. You an Alex have made something genuinely exciting and potentially game-changing.

  20. YOU SHOULD TRY KOIKATSU OR CUSTOM MAID 3D 2! Both have VR mode, you should PLAY THEM!

  21. 10:45 D looked right into the camera and said that. That was perfect lol

  22. You guys need to check out border college 2 on steam if you wanna see boneworks in action lmao

  23. Can u guys do a gun game with airsoft guns like in call of duty

  24. The boneworks spinoff buttworks and it's spinoff boobworks

  25. Good thing I'm not smol or young. You know, you guys should give WSS a try. It would be perfect for Youtube! It takes robotic anime dancing to the next level!

  26. Oh, my god…I want a MMD model of D, laying on a couch, vaping…

  27. wow that's so real, girls don't answer exactly like me in real life

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