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Rich Girl Fashion Mall | Game Trailer | CrazyLabs

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Are you ready for the good life?! Find out what it’s like to be made of money!
Have a blast with your rich best friends at the mall and win the fashion contest!
Shopping spree time! Want something? It’s yours!!!

Time to live a life of luxury and have fun with your richest multimillionaire friends! Shop ‘til you drop at the super classy fashion mall, and get dressed up by your very own personal stylist! Get a makeover that shows off your VIP status and strut your stuff down the fashion runway!

– Get the coolest outfits at the fanciest shopping mall in the city, where the richest of the rich buy their clothes!
– With your very own personal stylist to help you while you’re shopping, you’ll look like a celeb!
– Your high class life calls for a high class makeover and a stunning new hair style!
– Impress the fashion contest judges and score awesome rewards as you walk the runway!
– Choose your favorite theme, from Cocktail Party, to Movie Premiere, and more!
– Play a fun runway minigame! Who doesn’t love a game within a game?!
– Get a fab new daily gift each and every day you play!


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