Regular GIRL vs REMOVE 1 CLOTHING from the Olympic height | Challenge at the swimming pool -

Regular GIRL vs REMOVE 1 CLOTHING from the Olympic height | Challenge at the swimming pool

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Regular girl had to remove 1 piece of clothing after jumping off an Olympic height platform. Masha and Jim jumped from huge heights into the swimming pool meanwhile taking their clothes off. The loser of the challenge had to wear the ugliest swim suit and post the video of the jump to instagram. This strip diving game went crazy – watch now to see who had to do the punishment!

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00:00 Intro
00:46 Jim vs. Masha at strip diving game
01:25 The rules
02:11 Jim’s jump off 3m
02:34 Masha’s jump off 3m
03:09 5m jump by Jim
03:33 5m jump by Masha
04:31 Jumping from 7 meters: Jim
04:56 Jumping from 7 meters: Masha
05:33 10 meters platform jump by Jim
05:58 10 meters platform jump by Masha
06:27 Swimsuit crush test?

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Used materials:

Ugly swimsuit from instagram:
Beach ugly swimsuit:
Suits – Louis Litt:

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  1. Of course her swimsuit would come off at 10 meters. Mine comes off from the 1 meter 😂

  2. I only watch this for one reason you know why

  3. lol Safiya Nygaard is a lovely swim suit model lol

  4. So we don't get the swimsuit crash test video? I hate channels that pull crap like this.

  5. Next video don’t blurt anything out

  6. That’s cheating she should’ve pulled the T-shirt off when she was still on the platform

  7. Do more of these videos I love them😀

  8. I love how he said the safety thing at the start so you can’t even change your clothes at home🤣

  9. ⬇️👙Who is doing the UGLY SWIMSUIT JUMP: Masha or Jim? Vote in the comments!👙⬇️

  10. In my opinion your last jump deserves 2 points

  11. Would it be possible for you to show how to make yourself stay underwater without coming back up?

  12. He needs to put rope on the ceiling and swing from 10 m

  13. I'm not watching this what has this channel become

  14. inspired me to underrated

  15. Can you pls do the leap of faith tutorial

  16. I vote jim 😏
    One day my swimsuit slipped of in my pool but luckily no one was there 😳

  17. Today I dumped off a 15 foot cliff it was scary

  18. We want to see mashas mainpoint and 👙

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