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“Power Girl” Evolution in Cartoons, Video Games and Movies. (DC Comics)

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  1. I hate that they give power girl too much credit just because she popularized a boob window style of tights that they use on superhero girls all the damn time now!! It's that God damn boob window outfit that only made her popular in the first goddamn place!! There is very literally no reason why she's so tough and so popular

  2. Fantastic video and I really like her skin in Injustice 2

  3. The underrated krptonian cousin of superman

  4. Why is Powergiel at the camp, she’s not even a teen

  5. I got introduced to her in Injustice 2

  6. Powergirl one of the most 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 in the cartoon and comics…

  7. Was the girl fighting Super Girl a Power Girl who thought she had a genetic disorder

  8. This girl got two Krypton planets on her chest.

  9. I’m surprised the teen titans go film let her keep her outfits design

  10. Idk y but whenever I see young justice characters in ttg I die a little inside

  11. There’s actually a reason for her “chest” to be so big. The designer got really down bad and just waited to see how far they can go. (I’m serious)

  12. The fact that even in Teen Titans Go even shows PG's boob window in the show, even if she doesn't look super well-endowed, shows that there are still some real ones at DC Comics.

  13. Her emblem/logo is literally her breast pocket

  14. Powergirl is stronger than Superman.

    Superman can hold the weight of the world on his shoulders.

    Powergirl can hold the weight of the world on her shoulders… and than some!

  15. Thanks for making powergirl evolution….💕💕🌟🌟l love it…Carry on brother…

  16. Galatea from justice league unlimited is technically not Power Girl.

  17. Yeah i don’t care what you guys tell me she’s basically that snl pizza skit it’s super girl but not actually super girl

  18. As much as I would love to see Power Girl in live action, I hope it's never attempted because Hollywood WILL screw it up.

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