Playing GIRLS ONLY Roblox games... -

Playing GIRLS ONLY Roblox games…

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today me (a boy) plays GIRLS ONLY games on Roblox
buy canned gamer boy:
Girls only games on Roblox?? Grrr!! I’m a boy! A mere boy!!!


  1. Albert:HeY gIrlS I'm a GiRl mE gIrL
    Girls:get our now only girls GET oUt NoWwWwWWWW

  2. Needless get in trouble and her friend cause she be bad comment if you remember

  3. I know rash is a boy but I’m actully a girl XD

  4. Flamingo can you please help me I am Andrew please I love your channel my name is bar 5W

  5. fun thing: BOY YOUR name needs to be poo

  6. did flamingo just say BUY CANNED BOY :((9 GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  7. Albert: rAt A tOoY
    Me: Lol I made a book called that and my sis put a T in brown so it said Rat A Tooty lol idk why she did that

    To all the gamer girls WOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOOWOWO There litterly was no need for the WOWOWOWOOW ECT. I just wanted all the girls to be special u are special no matter what 😊

  8. Lol this is one of the only things that make me happy watching ur vids

  9. All videos get at least 4M views.
    This video:500k

  10. you have a girlfriend 😦😦😦😦😦😦😦

  11. 3:17 that’s the first time I’ve ever heard him say freaking

  12. paige has really changed from here to 2020

  13. When he said 13%of his viewers are girls I’m won of them

  14. Flamingo: ZOINKS GIRL GIRL ONLY?????
    also flamingo: has a seizure

  15. Title: playing girls only games
    Albert: *plays boys only games*

  16. Its funny when him jump off the lader lol

  17. His channel kinda smelly I like Luis gamer cool better teehee

  18. So I was watching this on my computer and I accidentally pressed 4….

  19. Albert:joins a game
    1 sec later
    Albert:is there weapons in this game

  20. You better salute girls because I’m watching your videos all the time

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