Playing as a SLIME GIRL In Minecraft! -

Playing as a SLIME GIRL In Minecraft!

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This SLIME GIRL INVADES our Minecraft Server!
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  1. Slime 😍😍😍😍💙💙💙💙🥷🥷🥷👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  2. Aphmau: * Inoccent slime child when zane show cookie *
    Zane: HOW DAE YOU PUT MY INNOCENT SLIME CHILD IN DANGER! * Pulls out sword and about to attack- *

  3. Videos I’ve been giving me so much joy and I don’t want to watch them every day but I can’t because I just can’t but I really want to keep watching your videos because her and I love you I like the videos they’re interesting and impressing.

  4. I meant I want to watch them every day but I can’t so

  5. Really OK who are you OK are you are you are you are you OK are you OK are you OK OK I don’t song things are you OK you OK call me in the car then the card in and in the car in in in

  6. Ohhhh it sooooo cuteeeee! I love meemeows😼!

  7. When will you learn THAT YOU'RE ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!?!? 19:00

  8. I said stop Minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. If I was aphmau if I would see them I would kill them and kill and kill in their checkpoint 😂🤣😅

  10. Aphmau i know I watched other videos but now I'm watching for this so I love you and also I'm laughing that you just said "who's there bwoss" and stuff I'm sorry to watch other videos but pls you can say "oh" or "is ok" but I sub I don't have your cat merch is ok

  11. i dont have it………………pls bring it back!!!!!

  12. i want to be slime girl in minecraft becuase she look cool

  13. I haven’t watched u in so long sorry love this

  14. good slim good girl likw it food all good get tood sogood

  15. my pals likeiot sogood likeit good likeit good likeit fan goood likeit all good

  16. Aphmau Please create The Video of Water Girl And Rainbow Girl pleaseeeee

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