Playing 2000s Girls Flash Games But It's 2019 And I'm 22 Now -

Playing 2000s Girls Flash Games But It’s 2019 And I’m 22 Now

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  1. I had literally no idea that you're 22, you look so young!

  2. do any of you remember the old brats ( i guess oldschool monster high) dress up game where the background was darker and the dolls were more edgy and you dress them up and choose the makeup? theres probably hundreds of games like the one i'm talking about but wish i could play that one again ahahaha

  3. Yes myscene had shows and movies! 10/10 would recommend !

  4. Neopets was my s**t!! Did you ever play that?

  5. i used to be rlly into club penguin but that's gone now so-

  6. Omg I had that Barbie mp3!
    I had the entire High School Musical 2 soundtrack on it

  7. OMG I remember spending hours on the barbie games and the myscene games


    I also all about one game where you had to design a home.

  9. I used to always go to this website called starsue . net

  10. I had the My Scene PC game that came on a CD. I actually forgot My Scene existed before you mentioned it haha.
    Also, Baby Krissy is the best game

  11. “I feel like she’s about to twerk.”

    Mikan 2019

  12. That last website, gamekidgame, was my childhood

  13. this is the type of video one wants to watch with a cup of hot chocolate while it’s rainy out

  14. The kind of game we all have encountered. Bomb it , fire boy and water girl, girls go games are literally LIFE (when your broke like me

  15. Go on y8 they have every game in the 2000s

  16. Literally, I was looking at Poptropica this whole time and thinking in my head CLICK IITTT

  17. I used to play all of these games when i was 3 y.o on my dad's computer and my cousin's old computer (it's like from late 90s/early 2000s) and i really2 like it and i never realize that it was an old games back then😂😂 this made me felt nostalgic bruh.

    Btw i'm only 14 y.o …

  18. I use to play the organizing the nail salon game where u organize the shelves, chairs and every single nail polish color and shampoos on the shelves neatly ;;

  19. Wtf I remember playing bratz babys mall crawl all day every day

  20. HOW DID WE ALL HAVE THE SAME CHILDHOOD LMAOOOO sue was the best I was obsessed with the candy factory one and the finding things tow ear for the date one, GOOD SHIT

  21. Don't worry, I'm 25 soon and I still play flash games every now and then. lol They're a lot of fun and give me inspiration sometimes.
    Edit: Also, that babysitting barbie game takes me back to when I printed out the certificate. lol I think I still have it somewhere. Lmao!

  22. I used to go on this site: jeux2fille (it’s french) and i remember it was the coolest it had like a lot of dressup games for like my little ponies, monster high and all kinds of franchises

  23. Mikan…. I have a question.. can you recommend some Japanese movies or even cute cartoons for me? If so thank you!

  24. Im 20 and I loved Sue games too, and which animal are you too!!!

  25. That Was An Awesome Video
    I Played A Lot Of Barbie, Polly Pocket,
    Pixel Chix.

    I Totally
    Remember All Of That.

    To Be Honest I Love
    Bratz And My Scene Dolls
    And I Collect Them.

    Hey Does Anyone Collect
    Bratz & My Scene Dolls
    Back In The Day?

  26. i was obsessed with the bratz babyz mall crawl ohmygod

  27. I’ve been playing bratz mall crawl since I was like 7 and I’m 18 now and I was legit just playing it a few weeks ago AND I STILL CANT GET PAST THE THIRD LEVEL IM SUEING

  28. When you said barbie girls world you unlocked a memory i didn’t even know existed

  29. Rip Polly pocket world and that Barbie hair cutting game

  30. Poptropica. It's recently lost all of the good islands though.

  31. You looked so innocent then you started cussing 👁💧👄💧👁

  32. oh my god wait- i just realized i have a few of those Barbie thingy's that play music there lowkey cool ngl i found one of mine the other day.

  33. Wow… memories…
    I remember playing Papa Loui cooking games
    Barbie games ,dressing up and all🌸💕

  34. Me and my cousins were obsessed with Bomb It up until now!!

  35. Oo! Yes! Please do more of these! I love them! And I used to play Barbie games (Probably all of them), My Little Pony games (All of those, too), Polly Pocket (Especially the gardening, room, and car ones), and I did some My Scene makeover and dress up games as well! I also loved playing Webkinz!

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