Playing 00s Girl Games! : Bratz, MyScene, Stardoll & More! -

Playing 00s Girl Games! : Bratz, MyScene, Stardoll & More!

OneAndOnly Des
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Playing nostalgic PC games I played as a little 00s girl.
TL;DW: I need to start a retirement fund

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  1. Hey ,Could you please tell me how/where did you get that myscene logo for yr thumbnail please 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Oh yes, these websites were my life as a kid<3

  3. I used spend hours playing those games, the old ones 😂 nostalgia. My favorite Barbie game was the Cali style girls I think that’s what it was called and the ice champions Bratz

  4. Does anyone remember these dolls that you could connect to the computer and you would go like on a website where it was like a virtual world (no its not barbie). These dolls were big and bulky and boxy. and similar to the dora links dolls

  5. Thank you for this video ! The nostalgic feeling comforts me so much 💝

  6. This is actually crazy that you made this video. Lately I’ve been having the urge to find the games I would play as a girl, this brought so much nostalgia!

  7. who picks the moon as a dream vacation?! bitch you trying to go to the vacuum of space?!

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