Online Flirting Games for GIRLS are WEIRD -

Online Flirting Games for GIRLS are WEIRD

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Today we play some girls go games flirting games.


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  1. 6 year old me: OM GOSHNESS! Girls Go Games is soo cool

    10 year old me/now: GGG IS SO WIERD CANT BELIEVE I USED TO PLAY THIS🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. Flirting on school was my favorite game i'd jump onto my computer and play thet game for hours. Its been 6 years since I played it I kinda wanna play it again ngl

  3. Jazza and him omggg my fav youtubers gonna collaborate I can't wait

  4. I’m not a fan of dogs with human names. I just feel that a dog should have a fun name because dogs are fun creatures!

  5. Ellie…

    Laurenzside and Vixella have entered the chat…

  6. I played that first game for YEARS!! I remember most of the instructions at the time weren’t in English so I just guessed what I was supposed to do. There were tons of games like that one

  7. 15:22 When you think you're Ellie's crush, but you're actually just a simp who grooms her dog while she dreams about Ryan.

  8. the first game was so popular at my elementary school

  9. Ellie: will he ever notice me?
    me: getting yandere simulator flashbacks – ohhh she'll gotta kill her school mates besides her senpai

    That freaking music brings back memories I swear

  11. I- I… I played this game…. I didnt even remember it till now….

  12. 9:31 skskskssk- Joinen's reaction to collecting the pig is just chef's kiss

  13. To the person spamming lgbtq+ hearts in the chat; respect.

  14. I remember playing that yandere game all the time as a kid and I only just realized how creepy it is

  15. The first game was the best!! You could even have a better ending 🥺🥺💜💜

  16. He doesn't know…….
    That ellie is a shady bish

  17. Here to remind Joinen we still want a dedicated Minecraft rip off video

  18. “Basicly free minecraft” … minecraft used to be free before microsoft.

  19. The first game is why they think they are allowed to cheat but we arn't

  20. our dog was called Schröder. (like schrodinger but with der at the end).. not our choice tho

  21. when joinen went on bootleg minecraft it played run 3 music and had run 3 gravity and movement which means they stole run 3s code and added minecraft sprites LOL

  22. Is this why im single? I dont have a lovebeam?

  23. OK buy ellie is DEFINITELY in love with amy

  24. OMG i actually remeber playing some of these. God these takes me back to my Childhood i was like 9

  25. Kimchi needs to ferment. I've never made it but I assume that takes several months…

  26. I love how chat was just spamming lgbtq+ support for almost the whole video

  27. The trick to not getting disappointed with movie franchises like Star Wars is to expect nothing. If you get something interesting it's better than nothing at all

  28. I was obsessed with the fors game AND YOU DODNT GET THE PRINCE ON THE ROOF

  29. Do Minecraft ripoff games! I would watch a series of that! ✨

  30. i love that this comment section is just people who played "flirting on school" I was obsessed with the game but i never knew the name
    im glad i found my people 🙂

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