Not Lonely | Guitar Girl: Relaxing Music Game OST -

Not Lonely | Guitar Girl: Relaxing Music Game OST

Pavlo Kuravskyi
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  1. Turn out the melody of this song is Adantino in G by F.Carulli. I have just learned that today

  2. Please someone tell me where to find the tabs

  3. Forfenix Awesome vid. If you had One wish. what Would it be? let's build each other up xd

  4. very epic gaem. 10/10 ship guitar girl with joy. very cute gaem and thanks for uploading the music here catJAM

  5. I've been playing a lot of this game and am so happy I found someone posting the music! Now I need to find guitar tabs for these songs 😂

  6. i've been play the game since global realised and absolutely really love this song, the problem is i can't find the tab until now (T_T) i'm really wanna play this song (T_T)
    edit: i tried to play this, and it's on Amaj scale

  7. 15 Komang Laskar Gading Gautama XMipa6 says:

    I play the game yesterday and i hear the music,ugh nice

  8. I want to play this song but I'm not good enough, I need tabs

  9. The beginning part to the song sounds sooo familiar but I can't remember where I heard it from.

  10. This song reminds me to Blackbird by The Beatles

  11. I love this song, it's cute 😊

  12. Someone should make a guitar tutorial for this (I can't start the initiative since I'm not good enough to make a tab for myself :/)

  13. i wanna play this song on my guiat but i cant reach the song chords :'( someone can help me?

  14. Damn words can't describe how much I love this OST! This is my most favourite in the game!

  15. Share your Progress here, im at 7M fans and AZ hearts. What's yours?

  16. and realise that we are not lonely in this world

  17. When I feel lonely, then the song brings me happiness 😊😊

  18. Because of this game i have now been learning guitar for 5 months and this is the first ever song i learned to play fluently

  19. What song is this? It's not in the description… Which there isn't one

  20. Getting Rid of this game was a mistake. This is the kind of music to keep your head high.

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