New Equestria Girls Friendship Games My Little Pony App Longer Version Scan Lemon Sour Sweet Sunny -

New Equestria Girls Friendship Games My Little Pony App Longer Version Scan Lemon Sour Sweet Sunny

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*NEW* ASDA UK Exclusive Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle Wondercolts Shadowbolts 2 Pack:
*NEW* School Spirit Wondercolt Applejack:
*NEW* School Spirit Wondercolt Fluttershy:
*NEW* School Spirit Shadowbolt Sour Sweet:
*NEW* School Spirit Shadowbolt Twilight Sparkle SciTwi:
Equestria Girls with EG Dolls and Playset Scanned:
Part 1 Level 1-3:
Part 2 Level 3-4:
Bonus Short with Scans of Playset and Laptop for DJ Pon3 MiniGame:
Part 3 Level 4-5:
Part 4 Level 5-7:
Part 5 Level 7-9 YAY we reached LEVEL 9 AND PASSED LEVEL 8!!!:
Part 6 Level 9-10:
Part 7 Level 10 scanning Midnight Sparkle:
Part 8 Level 10-11 Scanning School Spirit Applejack:
Part 9 Level 11 Scanning School Spirit Fluttershy:
Part 10 Level 11 Scanning School Spirit Sour Sweet:
Part 11 Level 11 Scanning School Spirit Twilight Sparkle SciTwi:
Part 12 Level 11-12 Scanning ASDA Exclusive Rainbow Dash Wondercolts:
Part 12 Level 12 Scanning ASDA Exclusive Twilight Sparkle SciTwi Shadowbolts:

*NEW* Midnight Sparkle:
*NEW* Midnight Sparkle Scanned into App:
*NEW* Queen Chrysalis Scanned into App:
Equestria Girls App with scanning Zapcodes of Canterlot High and DJ Pon-3:
Equestria Girls App with SDCC SciTwi (that OTHER Twilight Sparkle) Scans:
My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship Games App Update with Flash Sentry and SciTwi Scanned:
My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship Games App Update with Movie and Character Spoilers:

Maybe because it’s a new app? But I had so many problems filming this!

An iPad program I use to record direct play of a game would not run with the app on either of our iPads (constant crashing) so I had to go way old school and film while holding it. Then, not only do you get my reflection (sorry for the fright haha) but also there’s all the other fun filming issues of holding and filming. I tried to do my best.

After dinner, we tried again on my iPad (which is 128gb and has not as many games on it) it did not crash, but scanning did not show any of the clothing rewards with everypony, I mean everybody, unlocked. This is the longer version of our misadventures/efforts showing the original clothing rewards followed with our follow up tonight. There is a shorter video of only our tonight part, so please check out our other videos if you would like to see a quick runthrough.

Note: So you do not need the dolls to unlock but each thing you have to do will cost you majorly (5 gems per quest at least in the beginning). We played for a half hour or so and there are tons of things, including a DJ Pon mini-game we aren’t close to unlocking (you need 45 gems) even though we’re on level 6 and have over 30. Fun game so far though! We have not gotten Shadowbolts Twilight to scan yet! She keeps saying she is busy.

*****Update unlocking Fluttershy, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle and DJ Pon’s minigame:

Arriving soon are more New My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship Games Dolls! We cannot wait! After that more of our Monster High Ghouls and Mansters, Barbie and her girls from the big toy sale, new My Little Pony ponies, Lalaloopsy, LPS, MLP playsets, Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks, more Monster High, Disney Junior Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Sheriff Callie, Disney Princess Palace Pets, Disney Frozen and Princess Zaini Mystery Surprise Toy Kinder Chocolate Eggs, Disney Princesses and Playsets, Paw Patrol, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and more!

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  1. You have a give away doll if you have I want one

  2. I named my equstria girl moonlight magic on this game


    quaketoys i love your channel

  4. Анастасия Сергеевна says:

    мне бы таких кукал

  5. I have name in my. Equestria girls princess shimmer

  6. My equestria girls name is Honey Twinkle and her cutie mark is a flower

  7. my character is called princess sunshine and her cutiemark it 's a sun her old name was moonlight sunshine

  8. Me encanta my Little pony quaketoys habla ingles

  9. I finished all the chapters and wanted to explore on my own and it just starts all over again 🙁

  10. Heeeey!Rainbow twinkle is my equestria girls name!
    How about your equestria girls name is Princess Sparkle…

  11. My Equestria girl name is rainbow storm! On the app

  12. Hi this is An . Did you know? that my equsetria girl name is Princess Rose👸🌹. How about your equstria girls name is Princess Sunny👸💥

  13. You game minecraft pocket edition please

  14. No scan friends in the mision de book??

  15. I have that app and my Equestria girl name is “ Ice Lily “ !!!!!!

  16. But how did you get the dolls? Did you buy it?

  17. How much do you buy my little pony dolls I like my little pony i love it😝

  18. My name is Parker and the girl's name you're thinking of is sunny flare

  19. My name is Princess sparkle and my looks is Sci twi because I like twilight sparkle as a nerd

  20. Hi I'm new to this channel and I wanted to ask if I can have the link of the game ,I had it in my old iPad that is now broken and I can't find the game now

  21. my little pony equestria girls friendship games lemon zest dolls

  22. I Sad,the game can not be found anymore in play store:(

  23. What's is the game? Because I love mlp and I want to play it ^^

  24. I love this game but hasbro flippin deleted it

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