My Little Pony FIM Game Equestria Girls Dance All Songs -

My Little Pony FIM Game Equestria Girls Dance All Songs

Beautiful Angel Blossom
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This Game running On Windows 10
It for Free in Market Place and Google Play and Apple App Store

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  1. Hmm i was realized,how to gets perfect on this game was easy.After im tried,its hard man just like i dont know how to touch the screen with perfect

  2. I have only amazing but… you have you rock😰😰😰😰🥺🥺🥺


  4. Game Not As Dec 2020 The Windows version of Game Still Remains Un Uodated since 2014 i Told by Dev that they not going update it so want full game with challenges and all stuff to unlock that windows Version don't got Play it on Android and ISO Find in Google Play Store or Apple App Store

  5. i cant believe after all these years im still into rhythm games

  6. I cant believe this is my childhood😭🥰


    anyways Thanks for bringing back childhood memories

  8. I used to play this game and I loved this is from where I started getting interest in mlp

  9. Oh nah gaWWWW the MEMORIESSSSSS this was my FAV game Dude ah- I'ma replay this. Oh my Lord and the songs TOO- AHHHH I feel so old TwT

  10. I haven’t played this game in years and yet I still know the EG Stomp lyrics by heart. The nostalgia is REAL!!😍💖💕

  11. Bruuhhh i want to download that my childhood game that i always play but play store i think they delete it

  12. So much nostalgia omg I remember every song, every scene EVERYTHING😭

  13. I only played that game in my childhood and now I am playing it again beacuse its amazing 😀

  14. One day this song randomly popped up in my head and since ive been searching
    Such a gem

  15. My nostalgia hit me like a car crash

  16. started from the bottom, now im an enstarrie😨🙁

  17. When I played this game I didn’t even know about the mlp series… I’m 19 now and I’m currently watching the series and rediscovered the game😭🥺🌸✨ the nostalgia…

  18. Nostalgia😭😭😭💗💗💗💗💗💗

  19. i used to play this game a lot when i was in primary school now i'm in high school my old memories 🙁

  20. I blame MLP for making me addicted to rhythm games

  21. How can i play this game with my friend together ?

  22. Nostalgia…Thank u I'm crying but I'm happy ;D

  23. I remember playing this game because this was my childhood and I was so obsessed with My Little Pony 😔. These songs just popped up in my mind so I looked fot it. Even tho I'm a Kpop stan now, I still love My Little Pony because they were my happiness back then💜💜💜.

  24. Oh my gosh I used to play this all the time!
    I used to memorize all of the dances from the game,
    How I miss the old days-

  25. I feel really old with all these people in the comments saying “the nostalgia” I played this game when it came out…I was like 13 at the time….

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