Monster Girl Island - I Can't Believe This Game is Real LOL -

Monster Girl Island – I Can’t Believe This Game is Real LOL

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⌖ Monster Girl Island – I Can’t Believe This Game is Real LOL ⌖

⌖ So I covered Monster Girl Island back in 2017. When I last checked in on it, the game was still incredibly buggy and lacking a lot of content.
There were only a few characters, and there wasn’t much in the way of exploration to be had.
Now if you hadn’t noticed, in the last couple months I’ve done videos on a variety of niche games like League of Maidens, Subverse, and most recently, Wild Life.
I also have giveaways going on for all of them. So what kind of person would I be if I didn’t open up a giveaway for Monster Girl Island as well, right?

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  1. Who boy I backed this around the time it started on patreon good stuff

  2. Why is everyone calling this original???? It's clearly inspired by the anime monster musume.

  3. Wow and this guy designed everything with just one hand at all time

  4. Main thing I didnt like about this was the guy seemed like one of those Beta MC. Let the girls trod over him.. and if you dont… you break ther relationships and no relationship story for you! Means you turn down the sex scene so you got no more story with them. While the Shark girl seemed really cool, I hated the sex scene the MC gets put in, cause he lets himself get bashed around. Doesnt even try to fight back. Or at least make something funny about it (like try to block her strikes as if playing a game).

    To me, its about having fun with the monster girls, the sexy time is liek a bonus. Or should be.

    The other issue is… well it looks like its taking really long to make. I sweared I played its demo 2 years ago, and not much has changed. Only a little bit.
    Also Mystery girl seemed really interesting (you have to turn everyone down to see her), but the Bunny girl was annoying and her evilness just pissed me off to the point I wish she would just fuck off. actually shes a fake bunny girl, its just acccessories.

  5. That sole guy making this game is about to make literally millions a month on his patreon

  6. As a guy that's been following the development of this game since '15…
    And Imma tell y'all something, one of the girls isn't a girl.
    Also, Eris is best girl.

  7. Is this asshole ever gunna fucking finish this game?

  8. I've never really taken adult games seriously before, but with so much censorship going around recently I feel like games like this absolutely deserve all the support they can get. I only played the prologue so far but I plan on getting the full game within my next paycheck or two. Favorite girl is the fox girl you save from falling off the bridge, probably because she caters to my interests as an ass-man.

  9. I Think AAA MMO should have an adult version that can just be turned on or off 😛

  10. Men of cul – i mean degenerates of the internet lie here.

  11. You think this is bad? Look up Breeders of Nephelym: Alpha. It's basically nsfw pokemon farm simulator.

  12. i didnt know it was real either until i busted many nuts

  13. Ohh yeah how come I never know this channel SUBBED👍

  14. I think the 20s are going to be a golden age of Adult games.

  15. you should also give a shot to Breeders of Nephelym

  16. Pair this game up with Interspecies Reviewers anime and you have Men of Culture Plus Ultra! lol

  17. I'd have to say, Mako.
    I'd be a tough call on second though, spider girl and slime both are "charming"

  18. free to play, one man creation. tip the man of culture

  19. i like the camera tilting when you turn while riding a mount. even kindom come or oblivion didn't think of that.

  20. These girls look like MMD models you find on VRChat

  21. Just what did I look at to find your channel recommended to me, FYI I'm not complaining wildlife looks fun mostly because you can fly, don't know why but flying is a massive plus for me but I will never get on a plane in real life.

  22. Oh yeah, deffinitely I'm doing it for the story!

  23. So this is aimed to men and lesbians only. Well, not interested then.

  24. why can i not find the full game anywhere? only the prologue?

  25. Your not the only one who didn’t my believe it was real

  26. I learned how to play with my left foot just to play this game

  27. As a game made by a single person the bones are intriguing, but compared to other game’s of this type, the game is shit. Why doesn’t he hire other people to help develop the game? The world is baron and lifeless, buildings are floating off of the ground, inventory and the menus are hideous, movement is terrible and the basic sound effects get boring and repetitive real fast. And the “sex scenes” oh boy there bad, what with the stiff animations and horrible points of view with model clipping and the same wet slapping sound that just repeats over and over it’s bad. But the final straw was after three hours I hit a major bug that set me back to a previous save losing about an hour I gave up and uninstalled the “game”. I would not recommend giving this a try, not until the developer changes how this game is made, it’s going to take a long time and when its finally released, I don’t think it the quality will be improved that much from where things are now.

  28. This game gave me big lessons of love vibes…. that game is super cursed

  29. I think I saw a clip from this, a blue girl was using some goo on a guys… appendage with him tied to the table….. Not 100% sure its the same game.

  30. I was laughing when the main character has a bag over his head 🤣

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