Making Squid Game Girl Robot Rug With Yarn. Korean Tufting Technician -

Making Squid Game Girl Robot Rug With Yarn. Korean Tufting Technician

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  1. You love me and you can always come over to your place for help for me and then you have to go back

  2. Does anyone know what setting she would have her gun on to do the pigtails? I've never seen such long threads.

  3. Como eu posso adquiri essa agulha (maquina) de tufting manual, estou começando agora e tenho dificuldades para fazer partes pequenas com a maquina elétrica.

  4. and y’all made that boy from all of us are dead 🫣🫠🫥

  5. Wow Amazing Video l love it so much how she Making Squid Game Girl Robot Rug With Yarn Omg she good 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Keep The Good Work

  6. Hola…me podrías recomendar alguna maquina de buena calidad……Saludos

  7. Each rug has its own style and international design, and the rest has similar reasons to korean the design of this website or website or website 😀 and the world hey in my old life role as the best of my pet and the other side in life and my life in my 2 5o I am so glad that I am able 7.hey to get to the middle class with my new sword in a community

  8. 화가 이성호 아뜰리에 [Uncle Atelier] says:

    세상에 이런일에서 본것 같아요~~~덩말 대단하십니다~~~잘보고갑니다~~~^^

  9. Умопомрачительная ерунда. Никакого творчества, никакого интиллектуального развития.

  10. Люблю рукодельниц и сама занимаюсь разными техниками.

  11. 근데 저거 용도가 먼가요~???
    수건 ~?

  12. Подскажите, что за ткань?

  13. Alguien sabe como se llama esa aguja manual que usa la chica para hacer las cejas del dibujo del tejido por favor

  14. What is the name of this machine and where can I find it please and thank you

  15. Как называется ручная машинка для тафтинга? что то я такой найти не могу. которой вы длинные ворсинки делали и глаза.

  16. Please help me on how I can order the materials I live in Zambia. I need the tufting gun and the tufting material

  17. Gwaw😳😳😳😳😳muy satisfactorio gracias 😀👍🖐️

  18. I like the fact that this video had no talking. It was very relaxing to watch. The rug turned out beautiful!!!

  19. Как можно найти такой вышивалный машинка

  20. Какая вы умничка! Желаю удачи вам в вашей работе

  21. Почему для девочек то?

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