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Look At Your Game Girl

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Charles Manson: Look At Your Game Girl – track 1


  1. Good to see rock artists out here promoting family values

  2. what a talent he had, if the music industry didn't reject him he probably wouldn't have killed so many people. his voice was something else man

  3. Actually this song is pretty good omg

  4. Very chill 60s sound. I would be cool with murdering a few people for this singer.

  5. How can someone so evil have such a good voice

  6. Damn, what a killer track. This can be a cult classic too.

  7. He absolutely butchered this song…Imagine what ended up on the cutting room floor. Pretty sure it’s on side two of a K-tel record somewhere

  8. Why do people feel uncomfortable listening to this, it's great

  9. My favorite song to play to a woman on a first date

  10. A good proof that psycho demented killers can play excellent folk music. I am sorry, I like it

  11. If he didn’t became a psycho he will probably be in the music industry

  12. Speakin of a killer voice, he could've been an artist

  13. He actually has a really nice voice but what a bad path he took

  14. Not a bad guitarist! His lyrics are awful! His voice? its in tune not much else….

  15. This is so good omg if he chose to become a musician he would be a legend!

  16. Despite this man bein the first cereal killer to never actually kill any1…this man can sing

  17. His voice is truly hypnotic. No wonder he was able to manipulate so much.

  18. Man this is good, think I'm gonna look into what else this guy's made.
    Edit: oh god

  19. crazy little man your life couldve gone so different had someone guided you , sad game

  20. i don't wanna like this song but the truth is i really like this song

  21. you think its the first time you hear a killer singing, but he is just the one who got caught

  22. Charlie baker low Rezo manor highschool in Hollywood California

  23. Peace be with you, Charley.. You rest now..

  24. Yall gonna cap like "look at your game girl" wasn't fuckin the sad game

  25. Before there was red orange county. There was Charles manson

  26. He had a good voice. If only Terry Melcher had given him that music contract.

  27. It frightens me how much he looks like me

  28. What a shame. What a waste. That’s extraordinary and shocking and sad

  29. If you get over the fact that this was made by a cult leader and serial killer. This song is beautiful.

  30. This is sad … he was actually really good:((

  31. We will never know if:

    1.He manipulated them into killing


    2.Didn't manipulate them,they were just on drugs

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