Kidnapping 10 Girls in Yandere Simulator -

Kidnapping 10 Girls in Yandere Simulator

Ayano Aishi_Yan-chan
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  1. Каракатица из Китая says:

    Происходящее: 😱😨😭🤭😖

  2. name of this game is yandere simulator or high school simulator 2018????

  3. I am downloading yandere simulator as we speak on my computer it's hard to do like a dude make it easy I'm doing the beta cause why not I'm bored

  4. WHAT SHE GONNA DO TO MIDORY idc if I spelled her name wrong

  5. can you kidnap all of the people in the school?🎉

  6. How do you have so many info points and have a good reputation mine is below 33 because of photos

  7. Yandere simulator is a game so ass, yet so good, a game so offensive, yet peaceful. Shits masochistic on another level

  8. Ayano:Kidnaps 10 girls

    Kokona:Can you atleast put a tv here?It's so boring

  9. Meanwhile the nurse: what happened to all my syringes?

  10. Ayano: *kidnaps Musume*
    Me: I can live with that
    Ayano: *kidnaps Midori*

  11. Imagine you bring them all to school and then there’s gonna be blood everywhere lol it will be epic

  12. Umm why does a Anayo have a pole in her basement IS SHE A STRIPPER

  13. 💗Annia Crystal the shiny Fluvsies Rainbowia tv💗 says:



  15. (fun fact) – info chan's name is mato ita or something like that the last name is either ito or ita

  16. Thanks for blurring the screen before I see blood

  17. It's a game for weebs

    And also a stealth game

  18. Ayano sucks I hate her even she has a sad life she is a bitch a motherfucking freak and shit I hate her die in hell Ayano she’s must be burnt

  19. I was wondering why when I kidnapped one of the art girls, it said “prisoner #1”

  20. why are you doing this what did I ever do to you

    Ayano: nothing I just don't like colorful haired girls

  21. Can you atleast put a tv one here"in LOL

  22. Hi💍👫💕💜💙💚💛❤💕💟💗💖💞❣💓💘😘😍👩❤👦🇦🇺

  23. how do you put the sedative in the syringe?

  24. You can kill 20 students without getting blood on your hands, and Noone will suspect you too
    I see that as a win

  25. Ha ha ha I love evil so much I watch your videos every single day and I’ll be the same because I love you kill like that but I like when they pass out here so you should like that Parton🎃😂😂😂😂❤❤❤

  26. whenever i try kidnapping more girls, it always hits the deadline, idk how to pass the deadline 🙁 can anyone help me?

  27. Another plan:kidnap 100 girls abd torture them and get one girl to kill raibaru and you got to kill osana as well also go in tge cut scene idk if tou can go there or you can anyways and act like osana and senpai will be with ya!👌

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