Indian royal wedding girl games|Android gameplay||makeup dressup game||@Stylish Gamer ||girl game -

Indian royal wedding girl games|Android gameplay||makeup dressup game||@Stylish Gamer ||girl game

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Hello friends in this video I show you the makup dressup game of indian girl

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Welcome to our new game The Royal Wedding Preparation & Rituals Game.It’s defining all information regarding an Indian wedding program like as view of Hand mehndi, Hand ornament, Leg mehndi, faceSpa, Makeup, Dress up, Girl haldi view, Boy haldi view, Boy dressup view, Phera,Mandap view, Barat welcome etc.
Engagement is very popular tradition in India before marriageEnjoy the Royal wedding and the rituals or formality Before marriage and after the marriage. Marriage is the union of two heart as well as two families.

Groom And Bride Haldi Ceremony:
Haldi is the Most Amazing Prewedding Ceremony.It Is Consiered As SHAGUN..Haldi Is Generally made using Different ingredients which is useful to make a skin looks more beautiful…IN Indian Culture We Believe It is used to make Bride’s and Groom’s Skin Looks more beautiful.

Hand Mehndi & Leg Mehndi:
Mehandi Rasam is one of the most wonderful ceremony in Indian culture as well as it is considered as a SHAGUN in Indian culture.lets enjoy the Mehnadi Rasam of Bride and and Make a Wonderful Mehandi in The hands And in the Legs of bride. The Color of Mehandi Shows the Love Between the Couple..Enjoy the Wonderful Ceremony.Make A wonderful mehandi in Bride’s hand And Leg’s.

Bride face Spa :
Bride And Groom wants to Look most beautiful on their wedding day.Give A Best Treatment Of face Spa As They will looks fresh on their wedding day.

-Apply Different Hair Styles,Eyelashes,EyeShadow,Blush and different Decorative items and make a bride looks more beautiful

Bride And Groom Wedding Dress up:
We have specially created unique Wedding Couple outfits to give Them a perfect beautiful and charming look!

Phera&Mandap :
Mandap is important part of marriage. Because that place Groom and Bride pray to god for leaves together for next seven births. Phera is also a part of marriage. Phera means promises. When groom and bride round the fire, they give some promises to each other. Peoples pray to god for love and live long relation between them.

Barat Welcome :
Barat Welcom is important part of marriage.

Ring search view:
This is a wedding night rasam between both couple .This is a last rasam of indian marriage.and both couple
between are compitition ring search some milk and rose flower in bowl and drop the ring and Both couple are
search ring in bowl and that search the ring they are winner ring search compitition.

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